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Risk Factors And Problems Caused By Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

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FASD is not a hereditary problem and it can be totally prevented. FASD is one of social disorder that effects many of expensive problem as well as FAS is more harmful than disability. Physicians and pediatricians which refer the someone to a special therapy or the right ways to health care issue. Speech and language, it help in develop their verbal and social communication abilities which help them to speak clearly, using proper phrases and sentences to understand what they are saying. Occupational therapists help them to enhance their daily life skills which improve their ability to perform daily activity. Social workers help to understand them about family what would be the impact of FASD on the family. Friendly behaviour with the person and advise them about the drawback of this syndrome. Positive attitude towards to the person and help them in every step. Behave like a normal person as they don’t feel alone in society. Abnormal faces features like smooth ridge between the nose and upper lip, small head size, shorter- than normal height, low body weight, poor on coordination.

Risk Factors

Factors increasing the risk of having a child with a developmental delay (contributing factors) Prevention and/or Early Intervention Strategies Common developmental or intellectual characteristics/adaptive functioning considerations Prenatal consume of alcohol can damage the developing fetus. Frequency of alcohol how much taken.

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It causes central nervous system dysfunction. Prenatal risk factor includes chronic, maternal illness, various maternal infection, toxin exposure and nutritional deficiencies. It also effects on prematurity and low birth weight and infection exposure at the time of birth. Board awareness building and health promotion efforts for community development. Discussion of alcohol used and related risk with to all the women.

Public policy initiatives and health promotion activities supportive of girls and women health are also key to this level of prevention. FASD is often hidden disability it is not easily recognizable, they specially need the supports of their family. Difficulty with social skills and building relationship. Delayed motor skills or poor motor coordination.

Difficulty in attention from one topic to another and cannot solve the problem with flexibility. Other significant specific considerations- across the life span- children, adults, seniors. Use Repetition, we have to use the same words for same sentences again and again this will help the child’s long-term memory. Use verbal cues, simple sentences and concrete language. Try oral instruction, short and easy. Speak slowly take a pause that they can understand the words.

FASD causes serious social and behavioural problems. Alcohol is very harmful to baby than other drug. FASD have facial characterises such as small eye opening, thin upper lip, philtrum. Abnormal facial features. Central nervous system problem. Flatted ridges between the base of the nose and upper lips. Children faces problem in feeding and sleeping difficulties and sensory sensitivities. High rate of FASD is experienced by adults which include mental health problem, trouble with law. Problem in sexual behaviour or drug problem as well as problem in maintaining housing, maintaining employment, managing their etc.


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