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Recent Road Traffic Accidents in Bangladesh:

As of late street accidents in Bangladesh has expanded drastically. Each and every day a few people are passing on in street mishaps the nation over. At whatever point we turn on the news channels or read the newspapers we locate a typical news which is street accidents. It has turned into a typical issue in our nation. There has been a disturbing ascent in street mischances, significantly highway accidents, in Bangladesh over the past few years. As indicated by an investigation led by the Accident Research Center (ARC) of BUET, street accidents guarantee overall 12,000 lives every year and prompt around 35,000 wounds. As per World Bank insights, yearly casualty rate from street accidents is observed to be 85.6 fatalities for every 10,000 vehicles. normal movement speed in Dhaka has dropped from 21 kilometer to 7 kilometers for every hour in the course of the most recent 10 years. Clog in the capital kills around 3.2million working hours consistently Hence, the streets in Bangladesh have turned out to be dangerous! Street accidents in Bangladesh have achieved a pestilence level with more than 1,000 individual’s dead in street crashes in the initial three months of this current year. According to data compiled by Accident Research Institute (ARI) of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh saw a sum of 789 street crashes that left 1,049 individuals dead and 2,015 harmed from January to March in 2018. Among these incidents, 57 street accidents happened in Dhaka, taking 59 lives and harming 115 individuals. Accusing the untrained drivers alone probably won't be the arrangement, as 60% of the street mischance casualties were people on foot. Total road accidents happened in Bangladesh from 2015-2017 are:

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§ In 2015, a sum of 8,642 individuals passed on and 21,855 individuals were injured from 6,581 mischances crosswise over Bangladesh.

§ In 2016, 6,055 individuals passed on and 15,914 were harmed in 4,312 accidents

§ In 2017, 7,397 individuals lost their lives in 4,979 street accidents all through Bangladesh, while another 16,193 were injured.

Be that as it may, these measurements, numerically stunning as they might be, neglect to mirror the social disaster identified with every life lost to street accidents. A high development in urbanization and mechanization can be distinguished as one of the components prompting the higher number of street mischances. Late investigations assert that the yearly urban development rate in Bangladesh remained at 4% of every 2010, though the present development in engine vehicles remains at 8%. Thus, the street frameworks are encountering more prominent clog, physical crumbling and wellbeing issues. As indicated by a WB report, just 40% of the principle streets (National Highways and the Zila Roads) are in great state. For a creating nation like Bangladesh, enabling its native to die to street accidents isn't just lamentable yet additionally unsuitable!

Currently most road accident occurred city in Bangladesh-

The mega city Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is the most vulnerable city both regarding absolute number of mischances and accident rates. By and by, with a populace of more than 14 million, it can't provide food the requests of the city inhabitants as far as fundamental transport arrange. From an investigation over Dhaka Metropolitan Area from 2015 to 2017, we learned about the road accident rate of these years. The investigation was centered around a couple of chosen parameters-

a) Trend in by and large mischance rates

b) Monthly variety of accident rates

c) Accidents by seriousness levels

d) Collision writes

e) Accidents in various lighting conditions.

Dhaka city corporation, is the biggest city corporation of the nation, is in the skirt of difficulties like advancement and upkeep of transport frameworks which incorporates city streets and interstates, walker offices, activity signals, transport terminals, street surface, pathways and underpasses or bridges and so forth. The investigation demonstrated that on a normal, the aggregate number of auto collisions is lessened by 11% every year. No significant impact of climate/season on street mischances is found. Deadly accidents and motor collisions are decreasing while injury accidents are increasing.

Most traffic accidents: cause fatality (69%) and hit a pedestrian (60%). 44% of the mischances happened during daytime. 77% of traffic accident fatalities are found to be people on foot and half of these fatalities included buses. At the present growth rate, the quantity of vehicles in the nation is relied upon to twofold in the following ten years.

The graph above indicates that around 21% of accidents happened where there was no road divider. This means pedestrians could have tempted to cross the roads which facilitated the grievous incidents.

This factor alongside the high extent of two-and three-wheeler mechanized and non-mechanized vehicles in the city and the generally youthful time of the majority of the populace, are add to the genuine street accident setbacks. Under reporting reasons for the accidents in Dhaka cities:

From the graph we can see the reasons for the accidents in Dhaka cities. These reasons are not only the reasons for ongoing accidents, but also, they are causing street mishaps from ages in the city.

Some recent road accidents in Bangladesh:

Recently there have been some fatal accidents in Bangladesh. Coincidently three of them happened in Dhaka city and in same month. The description of some of the recent road traffic accidents are given below:

v On February 26, A bus driver was talking over telephone and contending with travelers as he was carelessly driving the vehicle on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway in the wake of hitting a rickshaw. Inside a brief time, the Chittagong-bound bus from Dhaka hit a parked lorry in the wake of surpassing a microbus, killing 10 individuals and harming no less than 25, all transport travelers. The body and chassis of the bus were enlarged changing the determinations gave by the producer. It’s fitness certificate and tax token had lapsed around three years prior.

v 1st July,2018, A private service holder kicked the bucket at the beginning of today, keep running over by a speeding transport in Dhaka's Kalshi flyover Deceased Sejan Shahriar Sourov, 28, worked at Teach for Bangladesh in Uttara. He was a previous understudy of Geography at Jahangirnagar University. Sourav was on his cruiser on the flyover when a Boshumoti Paribahan transport ran him over around 9:30am, Sub-reviewer Md Asaduzzaman of Cantonment Police Station said. Ahmed Juel, a companion of Sourov who was available at the spot, said the casualty tumbled off his bike when the bus hit him, and the bus hauled him along for a while. Locals took him to Kurmitola General Hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead. Police seized the bus; however, the driver and helper are slipping away.

v On Sunday, July 29, Diya Khanam Mim and Abdul Karim Rajib, two understudies of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin School and College, were killed when a bus pushed through them before Kurmitola General Hospital on Airport Road. An Uttara-bound transport of "Jabal-e-Noor Paribahan" smashed into a gathering of understudies who had been looking out for the street for vehicles to return home after school. Two of them (specified beforehand) passed on spot and seven others were likewise harmed in the mischance.

v The following day, on Monday, July 30, A young fellow was killed, and two other individuals were harmed as a speeding bus kept running over them in Dhaka's Khilkhet region. Police distinguished the perished as Rubel, 25, while the harmed were Masum, 42, and Maria, 24, said Shahidul Haque, officer accountable for Khilkhet Police Station. a Rampura-bound bus of Suprabhat Paribahan from Gazipur hit the three walkers while they were crossing the Kuril-Bishwa road in the territory around 12:00pm, abandoning them injured. They were hurried to Kurmitola General Hospital in Dhaka Cantonment region where doctors pronounced Rubel dead.

These are just some examples of all the road accidents happened up to date. There are a lot number of accidents occurred throughout the country in this year. Some accidents caused serios damage to the country and its people. Specially the recent accident of the two college students brought chaos over Dhaka city. Their brought all other school and college students on the road and they blocked several roads demanding punishment for their peers. These affected normal people’s life as they could not go to their work places. People are suffering a lot for these accidents.

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