Robber Barons as an Image for the Captains of Industry

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The idea that the captains of industry were villains is a very harsh tone to use for men who founded most modern technology. They were all great businessmen with great ideas on how to shape this growing country, into a place of industry. While they all may have had there own ideas on what was an ethical business, they still were necessary. But because of these ethics many found them to be horrible and evil people. Although I believe that they were in fact great for this country and should be regarded as some of the best people in this country’s history, and the greatest businessman ever to live.

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The beginning of this country industrial era was a very fragile time for the economy having just come out of a Civil War. As many new businesses were arising one after another, along with Cornelius Vanderbilt’s train business had been a real money maker. This had made him the richest man in America at the time, he was very cut throat though he did what benefited his business. He would destroy anyone who would get in his way, or anyone who would even cause him have a chance of causing him a threat in the future. Even with all this in mind he really helped shaped this fragile economy, into one that could stand on its own. In other words he was a necessary good for this country.

After these events had taken place the era of a new businessman, had started it was the era of John D Rockefeller. He was a man man that had changed the entire country’s view on the captains of industry as a whole. He was indeed a great man of ideas and ingenuity, if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t have been huge reserves of oil, and lamps of kerosene to light homes. This was great but many didn’t like how he would cross those who helped him become the man he was, like when he crossed Vanderbilt and teamed with his rival only to destroy his business. But overall all if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have advanced to new and up and coming ideas, so he was a captain of industry greatly needed.

As time passed Andrew Carnengie arose to claim his spot among the great captains of industry. So he set off to prove himself in a way knowone expected, He created steel. These events allowed buildings to millions to be vastly tall, and bridges to scale far and wider than ever before. Personally this makes him a much needed hero among this countries widely growing population. So whether the question is if he is a captain of industry or not definitely yes, because he founded many necessities this great country needed.

With all this information included i believe that these men are in fact no robber barons. Although indeed Captains of industry, forming this country’s economy. Allowing for many great inventions to take place, and many great people to arise from the shadows. If it wasn’t for Rockefeller we wouldn’t have had more efficient fuel to power, and light the way to the land of the free where dreams can become reality. So in conclusion without these great men of industry, our economy wouldn’t have been able to stand on its own, and this country as we know it wouldn’t have been truly built. So with all this in mind these men not in fact robber barons but heros, known as captains of industry.

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