Role of Information Technology in Business: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Easy Access to Information
    Encourages Creativity
    Ease of Mobility
    Job Loss
  • Discussion
  • Information analysis and storage:
    Marketing tools:
  • Recommendations
  • Report Summary
  • References


Smart technology is defined as the advanced technologies that are proficient to adjust naturally and alter conduct to fit condition, detects things with innovation sensors, this giving information to break down and induce from, reaching determinations from guidelines. In simpler words, we can say that smart technology is an advanced way of processing problems and creating or suggesting solutions through our smart devices.

Innovation has been the essential purpose behind makers' capacity to deliver more yields with fewer specialists. Computerization, machine-to-machine information trade, mechanical technology, versatile information get to by means of the universal cloud, Manufacturing: all add to what has turned into an effective industry that is unmistakably more gainful than three decades prior.

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Be that as it may, the edified producer comprehends it isn't just innovation which energizes the advantageous record of proficient generation. It is just when the best possible innovation is sent alongside well-structured business forms that a venture can work at its ideal limit and produce the arrival on speculation that innovation arrangements guarantee.

Every business is special – however there are normal issues that can be tended to with a couple of brilliant tech decisions.

In this manner, on the off chance that you have to improve your work productivity through savvy innovation you ought to think about the accompanying:

Records: Keeping over your books is basic – yet it very well may be an agony. By utilizing bookkeeping programming you can rapidly and effectively log the majority of your installments and robotize a great part of the announcing you should most likely settle on educated choices and comply with key time constraints for things, for example, charge installments.

Venture the executives: How would you monitor the advancement of a major and confounded task, particularly when there are various individuals taking a shot at various parts of it? Try to utilize venture the board programming. This enables you to part a major errand down into littler parts, dispense each of these to the perfect individual and produce Gantt outlines and time trackers to survey whether you are on track or behind.

Utilize one or the majority of the above strategies to improve your procedures and profitability or, in case you're as of now utilizing innovation for this, ensure you survey your present programming to make sure that it's conveying the outcomes you should be as productive as could be expected under the circumstances.


Over the most recent couple of decades, regional authorities have progressively confronted complex socio-specialized issues and accordingly have created systems that depend on sophisticated data advances (ICTs) in imaginative and inventive ways. Along these lines, governments in smart urban communities have acquainted ICTs with improve native cooperation, implement public strategies or give open division administrations. Under this framework, the brilliant city idea and other comparative ideas, for example, intelligent cities, virtual urban areas, learning based urban areas, computerized urban communities or data urban areas have emerged on the possibility that ICTs is vital to the activity of things to come city and it will in all likelihood keep on doing as such later on

What are the advantages of Smart Technology tools?

Easy Access to Information

Since Smart Technology tools like smart phones and other devices provide you with access to the world wide web easily and without much effort, it has become very easy to read a breaking news for example while you are on the way to work or while you are waiting in any queue. Therefore, we consider smart technology tools to be a quick gateway to any kind of information you need to acquire.

Encourages Creativity

In old times, it was difficult to open up a business and it needed a lot of capital money and other guarantees. Unlike these days when it is very easy to open up a new business through smart technology since it encourages the mind to work at its full effort and create new solutions.

Ease of Mobility

Transportation plays a big role in both individual and business life, since smart technology tools helped people to transport from remote places in a short time comparing to old times when it took very long time to move from a place to another or to transport an item from a place to another, this is where we can consider transportation to be important for both private life and for trading.

On the other hand, what are the disadvantages of Smart Technology tools?

Job Loss

It has become common these days that humans are being replaced by robots, considering robots to have more capacity to work for a long time without needing a break or without getting tired, but we also have to consider that robots cannot have the same intelligence as a human being does.


Since all of our lives had become related to internet and smart technology tools, it has become an easy target for thieves and hackers to gain access to your bank account for example or to your company data, or even to your personal photo gallery, and that is a big issue regarding privacy and security.

Developing countries are relentlessly expanding their job in the sustainable power source industry due to smart technology tools awareness. Sustainable power sources are limitless vitality assets which incorporate sun powered, wind, and hydropower energies, among others. Chinese sun based assembling ventures are the pioneers in the generation of sun based photovoltaic (PV) frameworks, creating 67% of the world aggregate. China is likewise a main maker of sun based warm authorities and hydropower turbine-generators.

Then again, India is among the most encouraging nations for wind control advancement, while China overwhelms the breeze turbine provider showcase with eight out of the main 15 real merchants being Chinese.


With enhancements in cloud innovation spreading like wild, independent companies is in a position where they can exploit these progressions. They can use instruments that will enable them to maintain their business all the more adequately from anyplace at whenever, increase continuous bits of knowledge into their execution and streamline their selling and client administration activities.

We can compare a lot of aspects regarding pre and post the appearance of smart technology, and some of these aspects are:

Information analysis and storage:

Pre smart technology tools, companies used to store their information on papers and in files, which increases the risk of losing them in many cases like fire or even paper loss, while now it is easy to store information through internet and have a backup in case the device you are using to store your company’s information gets damages or lost. In addition, smart technology tools help you order your information in a more effective and less effort using ways.


In the past, it was difficult to market whatever product or service you are offering in your business, since it all depended on the word-of-mouth marketing along with leaflets and papers. On the other hand, nowadays you can easily market your products and services through smart technology, since ads almost appear in every single website or app you are using.

Therefore, it is basic for each company to have the following smart tools:

Storage systems and software:

Since every corporation needs to store its information, it is basic to have an affective storage system that is securely backed up in a host, and therefore a company has to have a main host, a server, and an access device (which in this case is a computer or a laptop for small corporations). These storage systems are widely available in the World Wide Web and are sold at cheap prices that are affordable for every company. Usually these storage systems are backed up in a server that is placed in the host’s location, but a company can also own its server and host its own storage system and backup files.

Marketing tools:

Nowadays, marketing tools are very important for each company to improve its sales. Marketing tools have become very vast since you can easily market your service or item through social media apps like Facebook or Instagram for example. And to have this done, you only need a computer or a smart phone, and you need to pay very small amount for each ad you are willing to post, while sometimes you do not even need to pay any money to market your brand as you can just create a social media page for it (i.e.: Facebook page or Instagram account)

All in all, nowadays most associations that are administration arranged have a 'PC on each work area' approach so all specialists approach the data that they have to play out their obligations. There are exemptions in assembling and different enterprises however given us a chance to accept for the purpose of data framework structure that everybody in an association approaches the data framework.

Everybody that is prevalently versatile in their activity needs some kind of portable processing gadget. An employee who needs to either process archives or access corporate data remotely ought to have a portable pad or tablet PC. Additionally, an employee that needs to get to essential email and work process or arrangement data may require a handheld gadget like a Pocket PC for an example.

Each individual working in a given physical territory needs access to the corporate data. The choices are to give:

  • Organizes between 8 or less representatives utilizing a focal center point and sharing drives and information commonly.
  • For bigger gatherings a remote passageway with one port associated with the intranet or database server, different ports associated with other wired system equipment like printers and a remote system connector for each machine on the system.
  • In the event that remote correspondence isn't suitable, at that point a system of switches as well as center points to interface every one of the PCs in the zone by link to the intranet, document or database server and a system connector card for each machine on the system.



I think that cloud computing environment is the best computing environment that insures privacy along with security and integrity.

Amid the previous couple of years, distributed computing has turned into a key IT popular expression. In spite of the fact that the meaning of distributed computing is still 'overcast', the exchange press and bloggers name numerous merchants as distributed computing sellers, and report on their administrations and issues.

Distributed computing is in its early stages as far as market selection. In any case, it is a key IT megatrend that will flourish. This article surveys its definition and status, selection issues, and gives a look at its future and talks about specialized issues that are relied upon to be tended to.

The expression 'cloud' in distributed computing is utilized synomously with 'server farm'. Today the figuring field can imagine changing into the distributed computing period due to the amazing advances in processing and data innovations amid the previous three decades. The advances incorporate the development of the Internet spine, the boundless appropriation of broadband access to the Internet, the amazing system of servers and capacity in server farms, the advances in elite and versatile programming foundation for the server farms and the Web, and so on.

There are a couple of real regions in which innovation presently can help give key points of interest to organizations in inciting client steadfastness by improving client administration. These areas include the following:

  • E-mail:

Since E-mails are widely used nowadays, a customer may be reached via his e-mail as well as a company can be communicated through it. Staying in connection with your customer through e-mails helps you to provide the best service to your customer along with assuring him to be loyal to him considering him to be important for your corporation.

  • Websites:

Each company website should have a section where common customer questions are answered, this method makes it easier for a customer to find answers for his inquiries, along with providing a section where a customer can contact the customer service center in the company through live chat or through leaving his mobile number and inquiry so that the company contacts him later on.

  • Software:

Software is a smart way of gathering information, and therefore a customer’s information can be stored in the system and therefore a certain new service or product can be categorized as important or preferable by the customer, and this helps presenting your new services or products for your customers, which is a way of marketing.

In my own point of view, Lease is the best way to fund an IT operation.

The Sultanate has two advance projects to advance speculation. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) oversees a program intended to advance mechanical venture. Once in the past intrigue free, the program presently charges four percent yearly enthusiasm, with liberal reimbursement terms. MOCI credits will coordinate value commitments in the Muscat capital region, or 1.25 occasions value for different areas. Undertakings with a high level of nearby substance or utilizing expansive quantities of Omanis are given need, as are the travel industry extends outside the capital territory. Some expansive utility activities require 40 percent posting on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM) trade inside five years.

In my own point of view, if a person isn’t able to fund his own project (since IT corporations do not cost as much as other industries or companies do) it is the best to take a loan from the Omani banks because it makes it easier for a person to pay back the loan when the interest percentage is as low as 4% for the total amount of the loan as I have discussed previously. From the studies, we can notice a slight increase in the loans interest at Oman bank, but although this increase started few years back simultaneously with the advancement of smart technology, we can note that the amount of interest is still small and affordable.

Report Summary

The various examinations that inspected the improvement involvement in Oman and the oil-sending out nations found that development was the consequence of expanding the quantity of specialists' endeavors and expanding the working capital, and the proficiency of misusing components of generation, collection of learning, inventiveness and specialized and managerial advancement did not assume a noteworthy job in driving the advancement procedure.

Financial expansion and practical advancement require proficient administration of HR fit for delivering and reacting to neighborhood, local and worldwide monetary and social changes. To lessen dependence on oil and gas, differentiate the generation base and accomplish supportable advancement, all out variables of creation (innovation) must assume a key job in driving monetary development. All out generation factors are legitimately connected to human capital that is fit for advancement, development and great asset the executives. Specialized advancement and human capital are connected to long haul venture concentrated on instruction, innovative work, and are organized in open budgetary use.

Since Omani government started employing technology in all aspects, it has become easier to import and export, to promote, and to attract investors to the Sultanate. In accordance, news papers in Oman started discussing that The Information Technology Authority (ITA) received the visit of the second batch of general managers and IT managers from the government institutions of the Authority's building at Knowledge Oasis Muscat. Within the framework of cooperation between the Information Technology Authority and government institutions in implementing the digital vision of Oman, The strategy of the digital community of Oman and e-government, and the Authority's efforts in the field of information security, infrastructure and electronic services.

The visit schedule included a visual presentation on the e-government transformation plan, electronic certification project and government cloud. During this visit, the needed smart technology devices were discussed in accordance to its need and why it is needed, adding up that it was studied how it will change the economical condition through a timeline chart.

However, in my opinion, I think that using the technologies I have studied throughout this paper may influence the Omani society in many ways.

I think that using e-mails for instance may enhance the awareness of the importance of English learning and technology awareness among the Omani society, which in its role will create a society that keeps up with the advances around it. This will also increase the efficiency of production, and will open up a new gate for Omani people to invest their money and to improve their life style, along with creating a developed society that has the ability to grow on its own without depending on others to lead or to provide solutions for them.

In addition, I think that bringing up technology and making it essential for the society will in its role motivate the society to introduce a creative generation that may provide solutions for upcoming problems and answers for new questions that may come up within the advancement of the society and economy.

On the other hand, I think that these tools may create a gap in the society since we all know that our society strongly depends on communication, I think the IT tools I have discussed previously will decrease communication between Omani people and create a big gap between the government and the citizen in case that these technologies aren’t well introduced to the society or not well handled by the government as it plays a big role as well.

In addition, I think that new social issues may come up to our society since it is somehow difficult to introduce technology to the old generation we still have in some of our country’s areas. This issue should be handled seriously by our government and our economical that implements the technology tools I have studied in this paper.

In this research, I have discussed the new smart technology tools that are used to improve economy, their functions, their advantages and disadvantages along with the best way to implement them. In accordance I have discussed the role of smart technology tools in improving developing and developed countries’ economy such as India for instance.

In addition, I have suggested the best computing environment for both small and big corporations and companies, discussing why and how I have decided that it’s the best.

And in conclusion, I have discussed smart technology in Oman, how it is being implemented, and its effect on our society and its disadvantages on our society.

Throughout this research, I have concluded that it is best to employ smart technology tools in our economical sectors only if we have a full built plan to spread awareness about it.


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