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Role Of Justice And Law In Today's World

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Madame Justice

What is justice? This may seem like an easily answered question today’s society makes it quite the task. People throughout society have their own distinctive definition of justice. It is a word in which, to every person, has a different meaning. Although “Justice” has a massive list of meanings, it can somewhat be defined. Roughly, it can be defined as “the principal of fairness and the ideal of moral equity.” There are many places that justice is and is not practiced. These include the criminal justice system and everyday places like home or work.

First, justice is the center of every debate, involving our criminal justice system, because of its vast majority of definitions. While the definitions are vast and complicated, my personal definition of justice is receiving appropriate consequences for one’s actions. Seeing that the offender pays for what they have done. This so called punishment usually entails some type of prison sentence, costly fine or in more extreme cases even the death penalty. For many people justice has the same meaning. But is it justice if someone kills someone else because that person previously hurt his or her family, or what about someone who killed someone by accident or preserving their own wellbeing? Is justice all about getting even an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…? How exactly should the punishment fit the crime? These are the very questions that make society ponder on which form of justice they agree with. Although I believe that punishment should fit the crime, even to the extent of “an eye for an eye.” If a person murders another person in cold blood then they deserve the death penalty. Most people would not agree with his scenario saying “it is not justice to me because two wrongs do not make a right”. I believe a person should be punished to the fullest extent for a crime.

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Second, the criminal justice system says it will strive to see that every person is punished for the crime that they have committed, to the extent that they deserve to be. This is how our laws work now, for the most part. Justice is usually set up and carried out by our police, courts, and other law making officials in our society. Although this system has worked for our society thus far, situations do occur in which our laws are not so clear on. When cases like this happen the court system takes over and then a trial takes place for the offender. A trial is a very good way to ensure that an offender will be treated fairly and they will not be unjustly convicted. Sometimes justice and fairness can be misleading. For example, a trial’s jury members can cause a person to have unjust penalties and or sentences. Jury members may have a personal opinion that conflicts with the case such as racism, their religion, or just pure emotion. Not everyone who participates in this system acts in a just manner. For instance there was a case involving an African American man by the name of Rodney King. This man was allegedly beaten by L.A.P.D. officers while they were attempting to arrest him. Although the beating was caught on tape, it was deemed necessary to be appropriate amount of excessive force by twelve all white male jurors, who found the police not guilty of assault. I would like to see cases like this excluded from happening again. It is important for everyone to get there day in court. Of course this needs to be done in the appropriate manner if done appropriately the punishment should fit the crime given by the judge and jury. While the legal system has the ability to produce fair verdicts there are other instances in which the system could use an overhaul to get the glitches out. Or to provide more detail for those other instances when the law is not clear. Justice and how it is defined is the most important part of our government in today’s society.

Third, being just and generous in the workplace means that, if you have an authority over people, you are to use that in the service of everyone you interact with, including those working directly for you. Immediately we run into “the fallacy of doing good,” which is the tendency of a person to act contrary to the purpose and role of their vocations in their attempts to “do good,” which ends up making things worse than they were. One example may be a chef at a restaurant who gives away dozens of free meals every night out of the kindness of heart. However, it is not his restaurant, nor his food, and the owner has not given him permission to do so. In this case, the chef’s generosity is right, but his actions are not. Using justice at work is being there for the people who work for you. Which mean believing that they can do great things and contribute to the community, even when few others can see it. Also, it using your impact to give them opportunities and, advancing their career whenever you have the chance.

In conclusion, you can look around anywhere you go and you can see people breaking the law or enforcing the law, you hear about those who are now paying for their crimes and dirty deeds who thought that they could escape the grasps of lady justice but no one can. No matter what you do or where you go there will always be the just and unjust whether it is in the streets, in the court rooms, in the law enforcement offices, at work, or at home you will never know but it is there. “Sometimes, though, the laws are just, but are practiced unjustly.” Although there are many different ways justice can be interpreted there is only one way for justice to be served, and that is to be with “fairness and the ideal of moral equity.”


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