Role of Lago and the Ghost in the Plays of Othello and Hamlet

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Just like any other Shakespeare work and Shakespearean tragedy, the role of Lago in Othello is that it is an opposing force that brings about a tragic ending. The play Othello by William Shakespeare would not have been complete without the evil catalyst named Lago . Lago is an ancient or standard bearer to the catastrophic hero Othello, who serves as a general n the great army. Lago is an evil character in whatever the expression 'evil' presages that makes him somewhat dangerous to society. Just as the ghost case in the Hamlet, Lago is a sophisticated and a very compelling villain. They both find happiness and satisfaction n destroying the goodness and joy of whatever comes their way. Lago appears to be cunningly depicted by his cunning and ambitious sense or revenge to all those who happen to cross his path. From the audience, view of both the plays there are rational reasons for jealousy or taking revenge from one point of view, and on the other viewpoint, his destructive and evil nature is irresistible as it is inborn. 

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The antagonistic role played by the Ghost in the play Hamlet has a major dramatic significance in the social context. The Ghost n Hamlet just as Lago in Othello is a perfect combined catalyst for the desire for revenge. For instance the Ghost Hamlet about the murder of his father, and incites Hamlet to take vengeance; this move is a clear indicator act of the devils' advocacy n the plays. Similarly, the Ghost contributes to uncertainty and Hamlets dilemma; it is the clear indicator of how the spiritual world plays a role in the socio-political world. The unexpected murder of the King leads to Hamlets pretense of being 'angry' and attempts to justify to him that what the Ghost is saying is right . The Ghost could be the Ghost of Hamlet's father, or also it can be a demon sent to create chaos and havoc in Denmark.

However, Lago and the Ghost enjoy their ability to destroy and disentangle the society for their own sake, instead of gain, some specific reason, or for any justification. For example, the devious tricks that came to Lagos mind out of natural ability and aptitude depict him as a cold-blooded by birth; Lagos goes ahead to destroy Desdemona's happiness. Just as the case of the Ghost in the play of Hamlet Lagos broke her marriage without any logical reason behind it, it is clear that he desires to use Desdemona's kindness to 'entangle them all.' therefore the place of Lagos in Othello and the Ghost in Hamlet are brought about by jealousy and inability to achieve that which they desire for. The other motivation for Lagos hatred is that he heard that Othello had an affair with his wife Emilia. This is an indicator that both Lago and the ghost actions are as a result of the betrayal that they have suffered in the past. Just as Lagos greed for money and gold, coupled with his sexual jealousy, racism, a low opinion of outsiders and women keeps him on track in his villainous quest. Lago plays the role of an efficacious director of the series of drama within the play. He is able to cause a series of disaster in the life of other characters in the play as he is able to play various roles convincingly, and he can adapt his style and tone to fit any situation.

The Ghost in Hamlet represents madness and opportunism. By providing a detailed image of the King, this offers exposition by explaining details that happened before the play started. The Ghost, coupled with other factors induces attention to Hamlet's fascination with his mother. Hamlet becomes angry with the hasty remarriage of his mother, as he is with the murder of the father. More to that, in the play, the Ghost brings about the element of fear and mystery, and this contributes to the tragic atmosphere in the play. Likewise, the Ghost represents supernatural elements. Regardless of the negative images depicted of the Ghost, it is also right to say that the Ghost has sympathy and he cares. Despite being a Ghost, it retains some emotions and human feelings. It talks of the queen's fickleness and shows grief over the queen's hasty marriage. He also speaks harshly of the murderer who has usurped the Denmark throne and won the queen to his lustful nature. But even in his resentment, the Ghost shows mercy and forbids Hamlet from taking revenge against his mother.

Both Lago and the Ghost reveals that it is their nature to plan and speak lies in order to get themselves that they want. He also revealed that his hatred for Othello was due to the fact that he was not promoted to the rank. The motivation that lies in the racial attitudes coupled with hatred overwhelms Lago causing his plan for the evil manipulation. It is in this scene where Lago reveals to the audience and Roderigo that he is a malicious self-seeking person who can do anything in order to achieve his unusual end. Likewise, by showing greed for money and gold, Lago reveals to the audience the depths of his own corrupt nature.When the Ghost first appeared to Hamlet it comes to reveal to him the offenses committed by Claudius, and tells Hamlet that he should revenge against his father's killer. This is the central place of the ghost in the play; a revelation of the hidden actions in the play that was done discreetly. As the madness and torments empower Hamlet, his father appears again and tells him that God will punish the queen for her evil deeds.


In conclusion, it is apparent to say that both of the characters play an important role in the plot of the play. They both ensure continuity and make the plays more interesting. We can also conclude that both characters are full of vengeance. When the Ghost appears to Hamlet, he comes to remind him of the past and induces him to take revenge on those who murdered the King. Lago, on the other hand, is quite unhappy with the fact that he was not promoted. He thus develops hatred against Othello. As a final point, Lago also has thirst for revenge as he heard rumors that Othello had committed adultery with his wife (Shakespeare). The play Hamlet s deeply embedded on the psychological contradictions that leave the audience more confused especially at the point whereby the man whose mother goes ahead to marry his uncle makes good her threat and murder his father. The Ghost of Hamlet's father emerges n the play telling him about who murdered him. This s a thrilling yet interacting endeavor with the spiritual world; the same s seen n the case of Lagos in the play Othello. There is so much in the comparison between the two sets of play in as far as superstition and spirituality are concerned.


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