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Mrs. Grace Iriabgonse Idemudia of blessed memory was my grandma full of beauty, hard work and integrity. My grandmother lived as a model to her children and grandchildren especially me. She was a woman of substance , love, and compassion. She lived an exemplary life for me to follow. Her life was an open book, which anyone could read, and I still read it ten years after her death. Her striking appearance was as bright as the morning sun, she was as beautiful as a goddess. The most beautiful thing in her was her striking rich, dark black hair that rested on her shoulders. Her eyes where so brown like fallen leaves and her smile so unique. She had a glowing dark skin, the real ebony beauty which made her shone the more. Accompanied with these beautiful attributes, I was highly influenced by her high moral standard, which has lead me far in life.

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My grandmother was a very hardworking and tireless woman. She did not encourage laziness or lackadaisical behavior. She owned a grocery store , as well as being a nurse and a homemaker. She created time to run the store , her job and her home perfectly. It was a mystery to me how she could cope with her chores ,and knew when to do first things first. She loved hard work and taught me how to be hardworking too. She could farm, teach, cook, be a good house wife and a lovely grandmother all at the same time. She was a disciplinarian. She taught me that without hard work, it was impossible to succeed .So I strived to become a hard worker, which helped me in my teenage years, especially in high school. I learnt from her how to use my time wisely and do multiple task in an organized manner and how to create a good scale of preference in other of priority. The hard work I learnt from her has made me able to combine schooling and working and at the same time organize my self to study.

My grandmother was a scholar and she was full of integrity. She had a very high self esteem and perseverance. She told me of how determined she was to become educated, and made me understand the importance of education. At a particular point in my life when I was thinking of dropping out of high school, she encouraged me to endure and advised me that education was the best policy I could ever have. I learnt from her that education comes along with power and she knew I wanted to become powerful. She told me that without education I would become a menace to myself and society as a whole. Looking back at those words of encouragement I can not be grateful enough to her because they really made me eager for knowledge and the zeal to become educated became adamant in me. Moreover, with the little education I currently posses, I can make meaningful contributions to the society.

My grandmother was an open minded person and a patient woman, she was always ready to listen and was unbiased in her judgments .She was looked upon by friends and family members like a judge, because she settled disputes amicably. Her patience came with peace and humility, subsequently I emulated patience peace and humility from her. She told me that the patient dog eats the biggest bone and that being patient would make me succeed in life. I therefore became patient in whatever I did .Among my friends I was known as the peace maker, because I helped settled disputes just like my grandmother. Indeed, I became humble Even in the job I worked on part time , I had the patience to rise from an ordinary worker to a store manager. The patience, humility and peacefulness she bestowed upon me helps me in my every day life and I am so grateful to have emulated these morals from her.

The most remarkable thing about my grandmother was her love. She loved everybody as one and told me to do the same thing, she was a member of different charity organizations, she would visit the sick, the underprivileged, the motherless , the imprisoned from time to time. She encouraged me to love my neighbor as I loved myself and to do unto others what I wanted others to do to me. Subsequently I only had friends and no enemies and these friends have made life meaningful, unlike having enemies that would have made life unbearable

My grandmother was my friend, my counselor, my refuge my comforter and my role model ,a true friend indeed who was available when I was in need. She is a light unto my path even till this day, and I wish she was alive to see the way her life has influenced me

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