Role of Technology in Today’s Life

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Science is making rapid strides every passing day. It is the nature of man to makes tools and inefficiently uses them. The present decade is one of computer and information technology. The term information technology (IT) is widely used nowadays. It refers to the subject related to creating, managing networking, software programming, and exchanging information. In this world, technology plays an eminent role in all spheres of life

Role of technology in business – technology is playing a vital role in the business world. the duties that were done by humans in an earlier time is now can be performed by computers very 4efficiently. Every major company is equipped with the computers and network that connects through the different branch throughout the form. many business use accounting software and ledger systems to ensure the accuracy of the financial states. Every type of business involves a transaction with a supplier, employee, or customer. The transactions can be effectively processed by the tools of the technology.

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Role of technology in education – technology has brought a revolution in the field of education. In addition to conventional chalkboards, teachers of today are increasingly on digital media. Digital lessons, being attractive, interesting and holds the interest of the young audience, and help students to understand concepts more effectively. Computers-based software is also used as a teaching aid to supplement classroom learning. There is no need of carrying huge and heavy books, as books are available in form of CDs or DVDs etc. Technology makes the concept of learning very interactive . in today’s world when a student submits their assignment online, the teacher checks their assignment through the internet and also check this whether the student has copied their assignment from any of website related to that topic of the assignment.

Role of technology in health care- technology is widely used in the field of medicine. Several computers controlled medical equipment or machines help to diagnose the disease, monitor the patient, capture and transmit internal problems which are difficult to detect with the help of technology, doctors can be trained for surgery very efficiently. If we have to go to the doctor we can also book an appointment online on the hospital’s website. this saves plenty of time for a person that can be used in other work. We can also check the video of any small disease to get cured. we can also check the salts of medicine through google.

Role of technology in banking – computers which are major tools of technology are widely used in banks. Computer help bank personnel to operate more efficiently and effectively. With the help of technology, banking services can be done 24/7. Net banking has facilitated safe ,secure and fast processing transaction. There is no need to go to the bank regularly. We can access our account information, make transactions, etc. at home by using the facility of net banking. We can also send money to people in any part of the world through western union transfer. The person will get the money at that time and don’t have to wait to get money. We can also pay tax every month by mobile banking app.

Role of technology in industry-technology is widely used in manufacturing industries. The traditional machines produce products at every slow speed but a computerized machine works several times faster than traditional machines. computers are being used in the manufacturing of vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks, etc. even various companies are using several special-purpose computers (robots) during manufacturing. Computer-controlled machines can perform the work of several machines in the minimum possible time. The manufacturing industries also use computers to make models of a future product. The models are designed with specialized software before creating the actual product. The technique is called CDA(computer-aided designing). The output from the CDA system may be the input to CAM(computer-aided manufacturing) system. Cam refers to the use of computers to assist in all operations of manufacturing [plant, including, planning, management, transportation, and storage.

Role of technology in engineering- in modern times computers have a close connection with everyone, especially with engineers. A computer program can solve difficult problems easily in a fraction of the time it is used to take. Computer-aided engineering is a powerful tool and is necessary for engineering design and manufacture. Nowadays, you no longer have to write your own software programs to use computers effectively. In chemical engineering, a lot of software is used in process of chemical operation. The use of technology in engineering helped to make machines more productive and effective.

Other importance of technology-technology has created an immense amount of new jobs in our world’s economy. staying in contact is easier now than it has ever been. Technology has facilitated a better understanding of other cultures. We can also apply for jobs we want to get online because many applications can provide us jobs by sending resumes to the company or any of the shops.

Cons of technology- every coin has two sides. Similarly, technology besides having many advantages also has some cons. Technology is expensive, and keeping up with upgrading versions is not possible for common people. It has created social divide between rich and poor. Technology is making people lazy because technological advancement makes every work easy and fast. People forget to do hard work, some ill-minded people use technology to harm others. if technology is misused it may have serious consequences. There is some hacker that can easily hack your bank account and steal your money and also they can hack your social application ID and steal your all personal information. Technology has also diverted the mind of a student from education to games and this is a great loss of student and country as the student makes the country better with their talent and education.

Conclusion-so, technology is very useful and important In today’s modern world, but if it is used in the right manner. Excess use or misuse of technology is very harmful and may lead to destruction.

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