Romeo and Juliet as a Love Poem Believed to Be Ahead of It’s Time

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Romeo and Juliet is a poem believed to be ahead of it’s time because the way how it is written and the emotions it entraps the readers has the same approach as to how we see view modern poets or films to this day. The poem captures the hearts of readers especially the exchange between the two lovers that reveals their confession to each other. If you would compare the complex but meaningful lines that Shakespeare wrote throughout the play and the lines found in contemporary poems. Shakespeare’s work of Romeo and Juliet may have influenced how we use the combination of words and sentences to form our own poems. It would be evident by now that if you would try to look at some love poems made today by some famous authors, amateurs or even non-professional writers that they would use complex meaning and forms of words to make the reader try to understand the hard to interpret lines within the composition. And it can be deduced that Shakespeare’s R&J largely contributes to that modern style of writing with its complex writing but managing to keep us at the edge of our feet.

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Though the beginning of the story has already revealed that the lovers would die at the end. Hence the line “the star-crossed lovers that are doomed to die”. But even if the reader already knew the ending. And most readers would know that Romeo and Juliets love is a tragedy play to begin with and at most times it ends up with someone dying or not achieving their happy ending. But it wasn’t the ending that captivates us, but rather what moves us to go further into the story is the thought of “what happened? And how did a love so strong that encompasses earth-bound names and titles would have them end up dying?”. 

Shakespeare revealing the ending would give us a new perspective that the ending is not just something the we look for in dramas, but rather we should also look into the process and transitions going towards the ending. 

A very common thing in modern compositions such as television shows and modern films that the story shows so much content and a cliché form that can be seen in most films that we would not require to see the ending before knowing the ending itself. Shakespeare broke that boundary by revealing the ending from the start but now how it came to be.

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