Romeo and Juliet as One of the Most Famous Love Literary Arts in History

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Romeo and Juliet, possibly one of the most famous literary arts in history. Pondering why this minimalistic story the reader can end up with many variations of themes such as honor, fate, pride, and more specifically parental oppression. All considered during the 1590’s in Verona, Italy the ways the rich upper class children were treated are pretty similar to how it is portrayed in the play. Romeo and Juliet ultimately experience adversity that ends in their deaths because they have no alternative means of supporting their marriage; the society in which they live is aggressive and their feuding families have such a powerful and powerful 'old grudge' that the protagonists can not reveal their love to their parents. They can't trust their parents because of the lack of communication.

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Both parents love their kids. Romeo's parents, for example “Oh, where is Romeo? Saw you him today? Right glad I am he was not at this fray.” This expresses concern at the beginning of the play about his depression and are heartbroken when they learn of Romeo's banishment near the closing of the play.

Juliet's relationship with her parents, especially her father, is developed a little more, and while they take care of her, their relationship with her degrades throughout the game as they insist that she marry Paris. Capulet's patriarch, Juliet's father, Lady Capulet's husband, and Montagues enemy for unspecified reasons. He really loves his daughter, even if he doesn't know Juliet's emotions or feelings well, but he does seem to think that what is wisest for her is a 'good' match with Paris. He is often prudent, commanding respect and property, but he may fly into anger when they are lacking for example when Juliet refuses to go through with her father's desires and marry Paris “An you be mine, I’ll give you to my friend ; An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, ; For, by my soul, I’ll ne'er acknowledge thee”.

Lord Capulet is too fast and too abrupt. His fast, decisive and impatient actions concerning the wedding of his daughter to Paris are rushed. The original engagement was Thursday and advanced until' Tuesday morning,' this time advance is purely of haste and assumptions about the mental state of Juliet after Tybalt's death. Lord Capulet would never deliberately threaten his daughters ' lives because she is the only child. This shows that he cares about Juliet, but does not reveal to Juliet his feelings and emotions to remain a dominant figure his wife is a very similar type of person.

Romeo's father, Montague's patriarch and Capulet's resentful enemy. At the the start of the play he is primarily concerned about the sorrow of Romeo. Lady Montague - Mother of Romeo, wife of Montague. After Romeo's exile from Verona, she dies of grief.

In Shakespeare's classic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, Lady Montague is a minor character. She is the mother of Romeo, and her two dialogs address her fear of fighting in Verona. After Romeo and Juliet were found dead in the tomb near the end of the play, Lord Montague came in and reported that Romeo's exile news proved his wife's death, literally stopped her breath. It was believed in Shakespeare's time that people could die from a broken heart, which we now know is not true. People will experience grief as a loss of will to live, and they may have an intense or sudden emotional fatal heart attack. The fact that the banishment of her son caused such depths of grief to his mother exemplifies Juliets deep love for Romeo.

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