Romeo and Juliet as the Perfect Love Story

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 Romeo and Juliet has been a famous story for years, but a little twist can change the story. The story is taken with a Roman Catholic religion point of view which effects many events that occurred in the story. Some of the actions in the story occurred because of them being catholic. Those actions may have been terminated if they were not. The story is based on the little details in the text, this means that if the little details changed the story may have been affected in a humongous way. If Romeo and Juliet story was put from another religion point of view it will cause the plot of the story to change significantly, thus causing a change that will leave the readers surprised.

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First, Romeo’s parents don’t have control over their son. He does whatever he wants. In the play it states “Oh, where is Romeo? Saw you him today?” This shows the mom did not even know where her son was. That technically proves that the parents give too much freedom to Romeo, thus causing him to face depression. Also, in the play he does not talk to his parents about his life at all. The play states “I neither know it nor can learn of him .” This shows that Romeo isn’t close to his family and likes to keep his thoughts to himself. However, if the story was taken from a Coptic point of view Romeo would have been taken care of more properly. In Coptic families usually the family will sit down at least once a week with their children to discuss life and everything that recently occurred. Coptic parents like to be close with their children and have a good relationship with them.

Secondly, Romeo had many thoughts of suicide, but his parents never toke it seriously. The play states “And private in his chamber pens himself, shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out.” This is an obvious sign that Romeo was facing depression, but his parents didn’t even care to think that he may commit suicide. It is proven that when teens center themselves alone that there is something wrong. Also, Romeos parents seem like the type of uninvolved parents. “Uninvolved parents basically expect children to raise themselves.” Uninvolved parents think that giving their children freedom will help raise them, but they don’t realize too much freedom can hurt them. In Coptic family's kids are not allowed but a little bit of freedom. This is because they know that teens can not properly make decisions. It is known that teens are young and impulsive.

Conversely, Juliet's parents are the opposite of Romeos parents. Juliet's parents care too much about her, but do not listen to her opinion in things. Juliet's parents seem like the Authoritarian type of parents. “Authoritarian parents believe kids should follow the rules without expectation (Morin.)” These types of parents don’t care about how the child feels about the decisions they make. Their just expected to follow the rules without saying a thing. Some adults do not realize that teen brains are not fully developed till adulthood. Which means teens are impulsive and can-do many risky actions. “For the teens, this area wasn’t fully operating.” The frontal Cortex does not grow in the teens brains till they become adults. This part of the brain helps them make responsible decisions that are thought out and processed clearly. Coptic Orthodox believers understand that and that’s why they believe that teens cannot be left alone making their own decisions, but they also cannot be ignored because they are very impulsive.

Adding on, Juliet was very impulsive and inpatient. Juliet decided to get married to a guy she only knew for a couple of days. This is because she was just trying to get rid of her parents ruling over her and made herself think she found love. “There are numerous studies showing impulsivity in adolescence and this often results in them partaking in high-risk behavior” This proves the point that Juliet toke the risk of getting married to Romeo because of how impulsive she was. Juliet did not take the time to think about her actions which resulted in many negative consequences. “In the beginning years of adolescents there's a lot of things changing.” Teens are getting to experience new things during adolescence that they have never faced before. Thus, causing all their emotions to be highly confused. Therefore, Coptic orthodox followers always sit with their children while they are going through adolescence because they know this is a hard time for teens.

However, many people think that Romeo and Juliet is the perfect love story. It does have many emotional points, but it could have been made better. It needed a happy ending or more logical choices. “They work differently than adult brains.” Teen brains work differently and that is why many points in the story could have been made better. Yes, Romeo and Juliet are teens and they are impulsive, but they could still have made better choices. Romeo didn’t have to kill himself and Juliet did not have to act dead. “Benefit of waiting longer for a larger reward .” They both could have waited if Shakespeare would have changed the ending and it would have been the perfect love story. Just a little change of point of view was needed.

In Conclusion, Romeo and Juliet should have been put in a Coptic Orthodox religious lens. This would have caused many of the tragic events to not occur. Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have gotten married without the approval of their parents. They would have been closer to their families meaning no depression was going to be present. Many events in the story would have had a different outcome. The story of many years could have turned into something new.        

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