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‘Death lies on her like an untimely frost, on the sweetest flower of the field’.- a quote from Romeo and Juliet (2013). This movie was adapted from the book, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Directed by Carlo Carlei and the script written by Julian Fellowes. It stars Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth, Damian Lewis, Kodi Smith-McPhee, Stellan Skarsgård, and Paul Giamatti. It was released in October 11, 2013

The scene starts of in the late Middle Ages in Verona, where to young men is seen racing on a horse to get the ring off. It was the Montague’s versus the Capulet’s, which have been rivals for centuries. The Montague’s win, leaving the Capulet’s at loss and disappointed.

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Benvolio then goes to Romeo to talk to him, talking about Rosaline, which is who Romeo is in love with but his cousin tries to persuade him to not fall for her since she is a Capulet. Roaming around the village, a man goes up to Romeo asking him to read a scroll, there he reads that there is going to be a ball at the Capulet’s. Ecstatic about seeing Rosaline, Romeo went and sneaked to the palace with his cousin, Benvolio and his friend, Mercutio. But there was a change of feelings towards Rosaline when Romeo laid eyes on Juliet, he immediately fell in love with her. As they shared the dance, Juliet led Romeo to an empty room where they passionately kissed, interrupted by Juliet’s nurse telling Juliet to speak with her mother, Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet and the daughter of their sworn enemy.

Tybalt was fuming mad when he saw Romeo with Juliet, knowing he is a Montague, he cannot accept since they are enemies. Tybalt planned to declare a fight between him and Romeo, meanwhile Romeo and Juliet are being wedded by the priest in a church secretly, with the help of Juliet’s nurse. They kiss again, near a lake under a tree but then are startled by the nurse telling them that Lord Capulet is looking for Juliet. Romeo hurriedly left and rode his horse. Then, Tybalt and Mercutio get heated exactly as Romeo arrived to find them arguing. He tried to stop them, only to leave Mercutio getting killed by Tybalt. Filled with wrath, Romeo finds Tybalt and they fight in an abandoned building. He ends up killing Tybalt and is going to be banished for he has made a crime. Juliet, heartbroken by Romeo being banished than her cousin being killed, she wished for him to come back just for one night, and her nurse fulfills her wish by sending Romeo to her room. They make love, and when the morning has come, they said their goodbyes since Romeo has to disappear. Juliet then finds out from her mother that she is going to be wedded to Paris, a man she doesn’t love. Frustrated, she resists and doesn’t want to agree leaving her father at rage. Juliet then plans to die in order to not marry Paris, but the priest offered her something else, it is a potion that if swallowed, will put her in a deathlike sleep temporarily. She drinks the potion and falls asleep, leaving her nurse to panic. Her parents are devastated to know the she died and plans for her funeral. Romeo finds out about this because Benvolio saw her being carried to the church. Friar, the priest’s letter doesn’t arrive to Romeo. Crushed and left heartbroken by the news, he buys poison and then goes to where Juliet’s body is. Sharing one last kiss with Juliet, he drinks the poison meanwhile Juliet is waking up, only to witness the love of her life die in her arms. She then grabs his dagger and stabs herself with it through her heart. The story ends with the Montague’s and the Capulet’s having a funeral for the death of Romeo and Juliet ending their century long feud.

In my opinion, the movie was really interesting and heart breaking since it is about two adolescent lovers sacrificing their life for each other because of their undying love. Though death shouldn’t be a solution to anything, not everyone can do that for someone they love. It showed how challenging it can be since their families are rivals but they broke the feud because of the love they had for each other.

At the start, it just shows the rivalry between the two families making it difficult for Romeo and Juliet to love each other since they have to keep it a secret. The movie got me hooked seeing how they are falling for each other deeply, whilst knowing that their love is forbidden. They face a lot of conflicts, by Romeo being banished in Verona because of his murder of Tybalt and Juliet being married off to someone else. Not wanting for it to happen, Juliet decides to die but is then given an offer to die temporarily and she takes it, Romeo then doesn’t know what is going on and ends up killing himself and in the process, Juliet kills herself too. Their selfless love led the Montague’s and the Capulet’s to end their feud because what would make Romeo and Juliet happy? If they actually fixed it between them.

The sceneries in the movies are breathtaking, and they really want to show you how it was like before. The essence of being in the Middle Ages was shown there and they didn’t take that away, by having balls, castles, sword fights, and etc. It was refreshing to me since I always watch action movies, having everything modernized with technology, the Romeo and Juliet movie was a new experience to me. It emphasizes how it was like to live in the past, having a rivalry between two rich families and an affair amidst the perfection of everything.

In continuation to my opinion, the ending is very twisted because instead of a happy ending where they embrace each other alive and breathing, they die beside each other. For me, it may not be the happiest ending but is sure is going to make your heart pour out certain emotions, mostly sadness because even if they didn’t get to love each other for long, they will love each other for eternity, their souls being bound together by their marriage. They died together, and will still keep loving each other. It is true that love will break anything, even the limitations and boundaries, because love is endless and pure.

This movie is surely one rollercoaster ride of emotions, you will feel the butterflies in your stomach, your heart will flutter, and you will surely feel the tears flowing down your face. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes romantic and cheesy movies, though I personally do not watch movies with that kind of genre, it is a movie that is going to pique your interest. To any William Shakespeare fans out there, you will love this movie for it still has the lines from the book, it is only a film adaptation of the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”.

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