Romeo and Juliet: the Overview of the Love Story

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“Love too fast can prove falser than love too slow” this is just one of the affecting lines from “Romeo and Juliet (2013)”. It is a remake of the story of all time “Romeo and Juliet” written by the great Shakespeare. It is directed by Carlo Carlei. The movie is led by Booth Douglas as Romeo and Hailee Steinfield as Juliet. It is a romantic genre film where you can see love as something so great.

The story started by introducing the two bloodlines: the Capulet’s and the Montague’s which is happened to be rivals. The Capulet’s conducted a feast in their house wherein Montague’s are not welcome. But Romeo with other Montague’s decided to gate crash to see his love Rosaline. They went in the party and there, Romeo met Juliet and he got love at first sight, without knowing she’s a Capulet. When they found out that they came from two fighting families they felt dismayed, only they’d know their love for each other is greater than the feeling of rivalry. Romeo escape his cousins and found a way to Juliet’s room, they exchange sweet words admitting their love for each other. The day after, Romeo marry Juliet. He asked Friar Lawrence to make them one, but before the ceremony Romeo received a letter saying that Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet is asking Romeo for a combat. Romeo killed Tybalt, for revenge. Romeo move out for he will face the consequence of death if the prince will see him.

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The Lord and Lady Capulet found out that there is something between the two and they talked about the marriage of their daughter for they want it to be married already, not knowing that she already is. So, they set marriage for their daughter and a noble man named Countparis. But Juliet strongly insist not to. He asked Friar Lawrence to help her, so he did gave something that will help her. It will make her sleep until Romeo came and wake her up by a kiss. The priest promised Juliet that it will help her to have a peaceful life and freedom with Romeo. But would it really help?

“Romeo and Juliet” is a perfect example of a romantic movie that would love and appreciate by many and also by me. It is a story for everyone, although it has some scenes that are not suitable for young age and young minds, it still doesn’t affect the magical feeling of love of the movie that will bring you to the story.

I liked how they started the movie showing a tournament introducing the battle between two families. And how the ball became magical place for Romeo and Juliet . The arousing conflict is really something. I loved how the priest help them but I hate how he’s poison became the reason of the denouement. The climax is really exciting it will really let you think if the ending would be happy or not? Or why Romeo commit such thing? Even Juliet, if why she did that? And in the ending, they signify how big their love for each other and how peaceful their love story ends.

The places felt so magical, it will allow you to feel that you are in the story wherein it is still the period of reigning. The clothes and hairstyle felt so historical, it is better that they used or they created movie that is connected with old era. And the most of all the things, the used of the words and language, it is the old English. They used language that is not that easy to understand by the new generation but it makes the lines powerful in the way that you can feel and see the beauty in every words they utter. They used words that will not just mark in your mind but also in your heart. They used words that will allow you to realize that there is more than what you hear and what you read.

I think this story will help anyone who can watch this to learn a moral lesson. Maybe their love for each other is great but they shouldn’t done things like deciding without thinking the possibilities of something might happen. Falling too fast means breaking so hard. They shouldn’t became more impulsive. Despite of this, it is still great that the movie taught how to fight for your rights and for your love and it also showed how love can conquer everything. Another is, the story will taught you not to aim more power and be the greatest for it can lead you to death.

I think that this story let us to see that you are the only person who can dictate yourself. Juliet’s parents have a point for asking her marry someone that will give her better future but she insist and she dictates that she will commit suicide until Friar Lawrence offered his help. And Shakespeare is such an amazing author for doing such masterpiece that didn’t just capture one’s heart but everyone’s

The story is so tragic. It made me understand that love is not always about happily ever after but happily even after. They say, love is always about being happy ang great no matter what happen. Even though you are not in the right place not even in the right time as long as you are with the right person, everything will fall into place so right and perfect. But it is not always be like that, in their case the time is too late for them to meet again but it will never be late to be with each other arms again. Embracing each other bodies and holding each other hands. It will make us understand that love means sacrificing your life just to be with someone you love. I recommend this movie to all the movie lovers but if you hate tragic endings maybe you should just find another story, but I’m sayin’ this one is really great.

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