Romeo and Juliet: the Way that Two People Love Each Other

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The central themes of Romeo and Juliet and their love , Street Love, and Romeo + Juliet are very similar in the way that two people love each other but can not be together. In Romeo and Juliet the prologue is more focused on what is going to happen in the upcoming events. While in Harlem the introduction is more focus on the setting of the book without implying anything about what is going to happen later on. As well as Romeo and Juliet the version of Romeo + Juliet is more focused on what is going to happen next but has a different more upbeat and fast disposition.

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Romeo and Juliet and Romeo + Juliet share the same storyline about two lovers of rival families that fate brings together. In comparing the two takes upon a classic story I see that Romeo + Juliet is focusing on the same thing that the classic story is but putting a modern tone upon it. The take on this will cause the reader to feel a rush of anticipation because of intense visuales and the indication of a feud between the the two families. We know that this is a contemporary setting when the prologue starts out with a broadcaster on a news program talking about “star crossed lovers” that take their lives together. Also, the story is set in a city, with cars and characters that are wearing clothing from the 1990’s. This brings the story up to date. The prologue of Romeo and Juliet also shows us that the lovers will take their lives and add to the feud between the Montagues and Capulets. The tone of this story is more somber and the pace is slow. These stories have very similar qualities but very different tones and paces.

In Harlem there is a lot of talk about what the setting is without putting much detail about the main characters and their situation of the book. This book has a dark tone while being caliming at the same time. “Know that somewhere the hawk stirs, Harlem is not an easy place.” this shows that the author is depicting the setting as dark and somber. This will make the reader feel confused while exposing a lot about about the story.

In conclusion these books have many similarities but are all unique. All of these books play into the part that two lovers are brought together by fate but can’t be together. These stories have very different setting that will make the reader feel very different ways while reading the same storyline.  

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