Romeo’s Mental Health Through His Love Story with Juliet

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Romeo didn’t have the second part just society to dishearten him. Romeo was habitually transported downward by the members of his pack founded on his failing masculinity and mental health. He would repeatedly be derided and made feel lesser, never abetted, for something such as his emotions. Romeo has countless mental disorders because of society’s imprint, obliging his madness/ death.

Firstly, the question is what feasible mental disorders could Romeo have had. Romeo, like many other teens, has numerous possibilities for his mental disorders and persistent mental instability. One of the most obvious mental disorders Romeo had was clinical depression. Clinical depression in teens is mostly distinguishable in attitude, “Depression is a mood disorder that shows up most often during the teenage years. About 3.5% of young people in BC experience depression. Depression can affect a child or youth’s attitudes and emotions, making them feel unusually sad or irritated for more than two weeks at a time” ( mental illness in children and youth ) . It is common for teens to have depression. Romeo often expressed signs of depression in his attitude, mood, and actions. Such as when he walked around moping for quite a long time (which was recognized by his family ). Another disorder Mr. Love bug may have had was bipolar disorder. “Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that may affect up to about 1% of young people. It usually starts during the teenage years, but in rare cases, it may be seen in younger children. Bipolar disorder can cause a young person’s moods to change back and forth between extremely high moods, called mania, and extremely low moods, called depression “ ( mental illness in children and youth ).Those signs are very recognizable in our poor boy Romeo. Romeo very often went from extremely sad to extremely happy and ready to get drunk in the best possible not destructive way.

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Romeo could have had many disorders. One of the least thought about is anxiety. He could have had very bad anxiety. “ Anxiety disorders are the most common illness to affect children and youth. About 6% of kids experience an anxiety disorder at some point. Anxiety disorders can cause kids to be extremely afraid of things or situations to the point that it interferes with daily life“.Romeo was often avoiding situations and being in his own little bubble at night in gardens and creeping being all stalker like. In all Romeo could have anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder based off his constant actions in the play. These behaviors were often teased and made fun of by his peers.

My first point is that Romeo’s peers would mock his mental health to him and openly. His friends never took his emotions seriously. “ o, then, I see queen Mab hath been with yo. She is the faires’ midwife, and she comes In shape no bigger than an agate-stone' . Mercutio is often seen making fun of Romeo when Romeo starts talking about love or any of his emotions. Romeo often by his friends would be told he was being a “girl” when he expressed his emotions, sadness, or love. Most of the time his friends would mock him in long intrecite jokes. “Nay, I’ll conjure too. Rome! Humours! Madman! Passion! Lover! Appear thou in the likeness of a sigh”. They would make fun of Romeo even when he wasn’t there to take it. This scene marks the exact moment the balconey scene is about to start. If Romeo’s friends hadn’t mocked him maybe he wouldn’t have leaped into the arms of Juliet. The way his friends acted about emoitions could have been because of social norms and expectations of that time.

Society had a relentless boundless effect on Romeo’s mental state. Society affected how he dealt with, regarded, and perceived his mental health. Often Romeo would be persecuted for having any kind of emotions. This is most likely because of the times he lived in. Romeo lived in the late 1500’s early 1600’s. “In the 1600’s it was a man’s job to provide for his family. Men typically were supposed to be masculine and powerful, and defend the honor” . Romeo was none of those things. Masculinity for most means you can’t cry, show emotions, ect. . Romeo often broke those rules he openly mourned and the only thing most people would call powerful about him his how he defends his friends even if it ends in murder. Other characters in the play often would accert the fact that he was weak on him. “And art thou changed? Pronounce this sentence then, Women may fall, When there’s np strength in men”. Romeo was told that falling in love was for women. He was told this as shown by his own father figure. Friar Lawrence basically told Romeo to grow a pair and stop being a wuss. Romeo was horrible affected by the society around him.

Some will argue that Romeo didn’t have these mental disorders he just easily fell in love . A great point while wrong because he did fall in love with Rosaline just as easily as Juliet. This is wrong because what Romeo felt wasn’t love he saw something beautiful and shiny that would be a great distraction. While “Pain demands to be felt”many coping mechanisms try to make pain forgotten. “ Compulsions and risk-taking: Stress can cause some people to seek an adrenaline rush through compulsive or risk-taking behaviors such as gambling, unsafe sex, experimenting with drugs, theft, or reckless driving” . Romeo was trying to find a distraction some risk and adrenaline rush he was never in love with girls he had never truly talked to.

In conclusion Romeo’s mental health was often never taken seriously leading to his suicide. Romeo was pushed down with societal norms and the thoughts of his peers. Romeo’s sad fate was sealed from the beginning. Romeo’s death could have been avoided if he didn’t live in the 1600’s.  

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