Factors that Contributed to the Success of Rome's Military Campaign


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What made Rome’s military campaign so successful would have probably have been their technologies. The Romans were easily the most technologically advanced when it came to warfare at the time. Rome built many wondrous and devastating inventions such as the trebuchet and onager. Which were modified; catapults that were unbelievably destructive. Other than weaponized inventions the Romans also used tactical inventions like siege towers and barricades. Since Rome was so technologically advanced it meant that they would lose a lot fewer men on the battlefield while using a lot fewer men in the initial assault. An example of this was breaching the city. Using siege towers would mean that they would lose a lot fewer men from arrow fire and also gave them the ability to attack the walls and not the gate which would usually result in devastating losses for an attacking army.

Rome also had a lot of defense technologies to protect the city such as drawbridges, moats fort towers, ground spikes and much more. Ground spikes were one of the most effective defenses that the Romans built since they disrupted any chance for the enemy to form defense and tactical formations without hurting their own men. The ground spikes would penetrate the enemies feet which would leave them immobile. The Romans were only able to use the ground spikes I big defensive sieges as they took time to set up. The use of these sort of technologies made battles for the Romans much easier as it gave them an advantage with defenses and offensives. These technologies meant that the Romans won many battles that would have been impossible at the time such as the siege of Jerusalem and Carthage which the Romans used many of the inventions in such as ballista and siege towers. The fact that the technologies allowed them to do this is what made the campaign so successful.

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What was Rome’s hardest-fought battle The battle of Carthage was probably the hardest fought battle in Roman history. The siege ended up lasting a full two years before the Romans finally managed to enter the city and raze it. The battle ended in the destruction of Carthage as it was its final settlement Since the Romans had taken the others. The result was that the Carthaginian generals were executed and more than 50,000 live Carthaginians were sold into slavery. This meant that there were nearly 430,000 Carthaginians killed. This is a clear sign of the struggle. The major part of the battle started when the Romans finally managed to take the Cothon wall. This allowed the Romans access to the city where they began their final assault.

What made this assault so hard for the Rome’s was that even though the Romans had superior technology that was outnumbered by nearly 316,000 men. For nearly any other nation at the time this assault would have been impossible but the Romans persevered. The Romans may have won the battle but not without losses. The Romans lost nearly 17,000 men but the Carthaginians lost a lot more overall with Carthage being razed to the ground. The battle was also in part an embarrassment with the Romans having nearly 900 deserters which to them was a disgrace. The deserters were later burned to death by the Roman General Scipio. Among the deserters was the Carthaginian General Hasdrubal who begged the Romans for forgiveness after he had tortured their soldiers in front of the army. He was disgraced by his people and according to the soldiers his own wife cursed him and killed herself and their kids. Scipio refused to show him any mercy and he was executed by Scipio in front of the Roman armies.

Who was Rome’s Greatest General Mark Antony is arguably one of the greatest Roman generals ever known. He was Julius Caesar’s Right-hand man and conquered many cities and armies. He was born on the 14th of January 83 BC and died on the 1st August 30 BC. Mark Antony was also a great contributor to the downfall of Gaul which is Where he met Julius Caesar. Since being a great contributor to Gaul’s downfall he was later made a Tribune when he returned to Rome. This allowed him to gain support for Julius Caesar After Caesar was assassinated the Roman throne was up for grabs. This sparked a rivalry between Octavian, Caesar’s nephew, and Mark. Mark later had an affair with the queen of Egypt Cleopatra who helped him to try and defeat Octavian. This lead to a major battle at Actium at which Mark was defeated. After Fleeing from Actium. Mark returned to Egypt with Cleopatra where he was later sought out by Octavian. After fleeing from Octavian and losing Egypt he committed suicide by his own sword.

Cleopatra, after losing Egypt, also committed suicide by dropping a poisonous snake down her dress. What made Mark Antony such a great general that was even after the many defeats by Octavian he still refused to give up until he had lost absolutely everything. He was resilient and fought right up until the last man. This was what made him such a great general. The battle at Gaul was definitely his greatest battle. As the right-hand man of Caesar, he helped lead the Romans to a decisive victory. This helped greatly with the conquest of the Gaelic tribes later on in Roman history.

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