Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali as the Important Us Figures

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The term American gets thrown around a lot and people mean different meanings when it comes to the term american. American in the past has meant to people that your acting with patriotism and respectful towards America. I believe American should mean to represent America and be the ones people look up too and give people opportunities and freedoms towards the people willing to give their effort. America right now means some Americans are cocky towards what they have and don’t give people willing to work jobs because of their race.

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The American term is represented by a lot of categories. Examples given are patriotism, nationality, and freedom. Let’s start off with patriotism represents American because it’s the quality of being patriotic and supporting everything for one's country, in this case the United States. Nationality is another word that helps support and represents American in many ways. It can be represented in your race or country is which is American and the United States Of America. Lastly, Freedom represents the term American. When people come to America and become Americans they come her for the “Freedom” given, the job opportunities here and education. These 3 terms support and represent what the term American.

Excellent examples of “Americans” are Marther Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, And Muhammad Ali. These 3 represent the term Americans in many similar ways and different ways. Let’s start off with Rosa Parks she was a big part for the start of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, this movement was sparked by the courage of Rosa Parks. In great American fashion, she worked her ass off all day and then challenged authority by refusing to give up her seat on a bus. . Next, Mr.Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was a major influence as he is on mount rushmore as a symbol that he will always be remembered as a great American. He lead the Union to victory and kept the United States united, he freed the slaves and gave perhaps the most notable speech in American history, the Gettysburg Address. And lastly, Marther Luther King Jr. who was one of the biggest influences to America as he made and protested many decisions during his time. MLK was such a great American, we even named a day after him. But you have to give a holiday to the man who led the Civil Rights Movement and taught our country the meaning of equality. Martin Luther King, Jr. transformed America into a place where blacks and whites could coexist and be treated equally. While clearly there is so much work still to be done, without MLK, America as we know it would not exist in terms of racism and equality . These 3 Americans made and represented America strong and made decisions that have impacted us and lead us to today’s world.

Americans should do many things to not make us be a bad influence to the rest of the world and be making good decisions that make other countries want to travel to America. One thing is Americans sometimes should allow opportunities and freedom all the time. People don’t allow most people to work because of their race and color. That isn’t right because if their willing to work for money in conditions that are not suitable then that shows they will do anything for opportunities to have a successful life in American. They come here for that because people believe that America is “The land of opportunity” and they shouldn’t be denied because of their race or color they are. Americans should have some restrictions. For example, people shouldn’t just do what they want here they should be put on a restriction to avoid something bad happening in America. There should be mild restrictions that are obvious in terms of violence and will power. People with power shouldn’t be able to make the decisions they want if it’s definitely the wrong thing to do. They should have multiple people to agree to decisions that will benefit our country rather than hurt it.

American’s should not be cocky, ungrateful, and violent. There are some Americans that are cocky and show off a lot rather than helping people in need. Especially when it comes to social media most people show off rather than do something with their life and are more dependent on the technology we have today. Being ungrateful is what Americans shouldn’t be, because everyone in this world not just America should be grateful for what they have good because there are others out there that would do anything to be in your position. Think about it, when is the last time you were thankful and grateful and genuinely feeling that way. Last, Americans should never be violent. Violence is an act of cowardness. Violence should never be a solution to a problem regardless of the situation. There have been many shootings in recent years and its because people are lost in there mind and don’t know their path. People are scared and sick in their head that they see violence as a way out. Americans should never do any of these things and as we can’t stop it all. We can definitely limit these problems in our lives and in America.

The term American means a lot in today’s world. From the categories the term is related to. Also, the function of the term American should be represented in today’s world. And, the things American shouldn’t stand for but sadly does stand for today, we can help and act on these problems and keep doing what we are doing today. As shown with Marther Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Muhammad Ali. As they were a big influence in America right now. We can make America better.

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