Rosalee Ramer – the Youngest Female Monster-Truck Driver in America

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It is quite amazing when you see new feats being accomplished in sports or hobbies. Whether it be the older person ever to do something, the fastest ever to do it, or even the youngest ever. That is what we have in this video, the youngest professional female monster truck driver. If you don’t know much about monster trucks, it is very entertaining and definitely brings about some great fun to watch. It is essential a truck that is on giant wheels and takes off on ramps, drive on smaller cars to demolish them, and even race. It is very fun to watch if you are into cars, racing, or just demolition. Monster truck driving probably doesn’t have too many female professional drivers and this young woman is the youngest at 20 years old. This is amazing, being a professional at what she loves.

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Rosalee Ramer is a 20-year-old from Watsonville, California. She has been in love and intrigued by cars and trucks for as long as she can remember and she says she was 13 when she crushed her first car! She is the driver for the WildFlower monster truck and she even says that some people try to give her a hard time because of her age and because she is a female, but she doesn’t let it get to her. It is important to have tough skin and keep your head up when following your dreams. This is definitely something that can inspire all ages and types of people who are following their dreams, always got to keep your head and push through!

Rosalee has actually been racing professionally with monster trucks since she was 14 years old! That is quite an early start in your career, I’m sure more of her friends were concerned about typical High School problems, while she was out there racing professionally! She cannot even remember when her love started, she just began working on trucks with her father, who actually had a monster truck. Whether it be holding flashlights or moving tires she was already ready to be around the trucks! Her first time actually driving one was when she was 11 and her father let her take it for a ride in the driving pit to practice. She has a very close relationship with her father, who I am sure inspired her love for trucks. They travel together frequently for all her races.

Her truck, WildFlower, is quite an old car it’s from 1932 and sits on 5-foot-tall tires, that’s roughly the same size as Rosalee! It definitely gets into some scrapes with Rosalee but it has treated her well throughout her journey. Rosalee and her truck do some pretty crazy things together, such as fly 40 feet in the air! Rosalee currently goes to Georgia Tech and studies Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. She sounds like a very smart girl with a good head on her shoulders and it sounds like her love for trucks has inspired her career path greatly. I hope she continues to follow her dreams and sticks with her hobbies!

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