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“Huge icicles fringed the entrance and the roof. Weird ice shapes covered the walls, Rose from the floor. Everywhere was snow. Their eyes dazzled. They moved forward, blinking, climbing over the ridges and drifts that covered the floor gazing in wonder”

Why doesn’t the dragon roar? Why doesn’t any fresh, sweet water flow from the mountain? ‘Rowan of Rin’ is an unpredictable, award winning book. The genre in the book ties everything together. Emily Rodda makes you feel as though you know the characters and the setting is described so well that you almost feel like you are there with the villagers throughout the whole story.

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The novel ‘Rowan of Rin’ is an Adventurous, Mysterious, Fear filled story that will keep you hooked right until the end. It is a Hero quest story with a hint of Fantasy awaiting them at the top of the mountain, Fantastic Forests, Mystery Muds and stone faces encrypted in walls. Emily Rodda creates such an amazing way of making you feel like you are with Rowan the whole time he changes from a weakling to a hero.

Rowan is known as the weakling in the village and everyone thinks very little of him. Rowan is determined to reach the top of the mountain and he has enough courage for Strong Jonn, Marlie, Val, Ellis, Bronden, Allun and Rowan himself. Seven villagers decide to go up the mountain to see why no water flows; they are faced with many humongous challenges and obstacles along the way. During these tough times Rowan felt comforted as he thought about Star, Annad and his favorite Bukshah. Little do they know they are about to face their biggest fear..............The Mountain!

Emily Rodda’s writing puts an image in your mind like no other. The small village of Rin is filled with rolling green hills, tall mountains with no end and beautiful valleys that flowed no fresh water. Massive fields were filled with the grazing Bukshah that produced the villager's dairy items. As the journey continued, Emily’s writing got even more descriptive and realistic. The moonlight was very bright, but the mountain loomed black against the sky, secret and full of mystery.

Rowan and the villagers go through many turbulent times, yet Rowan and the others show bravery and dedication. Emily Rodda’s ‘Rowan of Rin’ is a without a doubt fantastic read. Although ‘Rowan of Rin’ will have your tummy tied in knots not knowing what will happen next, it also proves that even if you are known as the weakling you too can be like Rowan dedicated, helpful and well a magnificent child.

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