Ruling of the King vs. President: Does the President Have Too Much Power

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Ruling under the authority of a king and ruling under the authority of a president are obviously two completely different ways to rule. Though they both have things that could be improved on, there are also things that make them superior to the other. Despite the fact that they are both great ways of ruling, one way works for some people, the other way the latter, it just depends on who they are.

There are clearly many things that contribute to making ruling with a president as great as it is. According to, one of these things is the checks and balances system that is in established due to how the government is setup and run. Presidency comes with many other parts to the government, including executive, legislative, and judicial branches. These branches prevent the others from becoming too powerful. Without these branches, the presidential governments would not work as smoothly as they do. Another thing that is present with the presidential system of government is allowing the people to vote on matters such as who the next president should be, according to Vittana. This allows the people of the country to be active in how the government is run without having to hold a position of power. This makes it easier to keep the majority of people happy while still running an efficient government. Finally, according to the site Soap Boxie, countries ruled under presidents are less likely to go to war. This is mostly due to all of the alliances and countries that presidential governments must rely on in order to succeed. Whether this be for protection or simply some resources that they aren’t able to obtain, these relationships are vital to the countries survival. These are just a few of the most important things behind making ruling with a president so good, as the list could go on forever.

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On the other hand, monarchy is a completely different way to rule a country. Monarchies hove their own upsides and positives that make it equally as great as presidency. According to, king and queens can pass things such as laws much easier than presidents can. This is due to how they run their government. It is comprised of less people and branches in which they must go through on order for something to be passed. This makes the process of getting the things they want much easier. Another thing that makes ruling by a king better, is always knowing who will rule next, according to Vittana. Monarchies rule through a family line, unlike presidential democracies that vote on the new president every so many years. Using a family line to determine who rules next makes it so people always know who the next ruler of the country will be. Finally, ruling by a king eliminates the hassle of elections, according to Soap Boxie. Though elections are a great way for the people to insert their input on the way they believe best to run the government, they become very messy and expensive very fast. This is almost completely eliminated in monarchies, where the next ruler is decided for the people.

Like I said earlier, for some people one way works better than the other. For me, ruling as a queen would be better. I like knowing what’s going to happen next, whether that be what the weather is going to be, or who the next president will be. I hate waiting and watching everything play out, while with a monarchy, you instantly know due to the family line rule.Another thing that I strongly dislike is elections. Elections end up becoming more about popularity than actually ruling the country in a normal and efficient way. Secrets are uncovered and many scandals arise. This is something that doesn't seem worth it to me. Like said earlier, ruling with a king eliminates this due to the family line rule that is followed. This saves lots of money and lots of drama, allowing people to live their normal lives not having to worry about it. Finally, I like things to happen fast. If I had to wait for three months for congress to pass a bill I would get incredibly impatient. For me things need to happen right away, or not at all. For all of these reasons stated above, I would choose to rule as a royal, being the best queen the world has ever seen. 

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