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Education is a journey that refines the mind and charts a path to excellence for those who are brave enough to take that first step. My pursuits in education lead me into the field of human services and open me up to the possibilities of applying technology to learn and share with my colleagues. The class I am a part of has interestingly given me a new outlook on how essential technology is and how my education in this institution has developed my resolve. In this essay, I will address who I am as a student, my promise to myself, and how I intend to become a part of the Walden community.

Today I am a symbol of change, as a student of Walden I represent a generation of students who decided to make their lives better through education. As a Walden student, I have realized my potential if by choosing to commit to transforming my own life through the vast resources the institution has to offer. Walden facilitates its students with tools like the library, an academic skills center, a writing center, an online portal for e-learning, and so much more. All these tools allow me to endeavor and to perform better during my assessments. I may not be gaining so much new information, but I realize the potential within me with proper resources at my disposal. Considering that my strategy in learning relies on group work on visual cues I am confident I will succeed moving forward. Regarding the first course, I am now able to better interact with people by having a better grasp from different points of view. I believe moving forward, this course will fulfill my knowledge on tech and at the same time give me a diverse personality that I can integrate with just about any kind of person regardless of their character.

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The first promise I make is to myself that I will never quit until I accomplish what I set out to do and achieve my elusive dream. I will not walk because I have people who look up to me. I intend to set a good example for them to follow. I want them to understand that it is essential never to give up and to always get back up when things pull them down. Therefore, I will not weekly assessments deter me from performing better the next time and in my final exams. I will help myself by studying, conducting research, and diligently undertaking all my assignments in pursuit of knowledge. If I need help from my fellow students or tutors, I will not be afraid to ask because we all are here for the same goal, education. Walden will help me get there by offering resources and tools of learning and by providing a conducive environment for me to grow and develop myself. I will then be a part of positive change by embarking n and completing my degree course and disproving the naysayers. Once I finish my education, I believe I can impact the community by being a positive role model for the youth. A role that will see me go to community centers, group homes, schools, and other institutions as I try to reach out to the youth and help them achieve their dreams.

I will become a member of this prestigious community by endeavoring to find myself a mentor so that I will also be one when the time is right and integrating with the E-learning community. I believe that my most influential mentor will be my liaison with the institution for my education. I think having been in the institution, and they are in a suitable position to guide me in regards to where I can source material and learn to incorporate my knowledge and practice it in the real world. The Walden Learning Community is opening my eye to the endless opportunities and possibilities that come with technology, and I must admit I am fascinated. Therefore, I will persevere because we are quite a number in the program, and we will continue to support each other because we are people, and as we learn how people relate, our class will serve as the best example. Outside the school setting, I believe my mentor is and will always be my co-worker Shaquana. She has been an excellent teacher and adviser who made sure that I came back to school. She recommended this program, and after I did some research, I chose to sign up for the program as well. I believe a mentor should be someone willing to see the best in people and nurture that side of them. As such, I think I can be a great mentor. I am patient, a good listener, great at offering advice, and love to encourage people. We all have potential, and if we have someone who believes in us then we achieve so much more as I will with Walden.

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