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The safety of individuals and their property is an issue of national concern in every country of the world. Through security agencies and deployed safety mechanisms are meant to maintain peace of the citizens from both internal and external forces. Homeland security covers a series of safety procedures in different sectors of governance with a sole mission to safeguard the natives and their wealth. However, a country’s entry points cause a challenge to both the safety of people and the introduction of harmful machinery within the country. Therefore, the local authority through physical and computer-mediated approaches ensures the safety of its citizens and the items of internal origin. This paper discusses homeland security deployed by the UAE on border security. The paper is partitioned to address different mechanisms which deployed to check on the border security by the United Arab Emirates in pursuit of homeland security.

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Notable, the UAE safety levels increased immensely over the years from an era of global turmoil to ensure safety against its core mineral deposits. Consequently, the country has tightened its safety regulations to keep off intruders to access the country. Through collaboration and self-generated mechanisms, the authority has been steady to the device and implement regulatory and monitoring tools to detect any threat. However, the focal points targeted by the safety strategies include the airline terminals and the boundaries linked through water bodies. According to security agencies, identification and content carried are vital for the detection of safety standards that enters and circulates within the country. The steps and strategies used in the United Arabs Emirates towards border security include: First, a barrier fence erected at the border of the country and the neighbouring countries geared to reduce the proliferation of the country to non-natives. Through unregulated entries, the country is prone to the introduction of safety-compromised individuals from adjacent foreign countries. Likewise, the state aims to safeguard the ocean-based boundaries endowed with oil conduits, country’s wealth, to other partnering communities. Even though changes take the lead on modalities to ensure safety, insecurity remains a challenge to the economic improvement of the country. The condition calls for international undertakings to address the issue jointly through intensified and sophisticated training to face the risk.

Consequently, UAE partners with the U.S on their mission programs to combat the safety shortcomings within the borders. Through, frisking commodities on transit from the U.S through other countries to the United Arabs Emirates ensures quality products delivered. A combined effort adopted by the duo countries to ensure safety within the airline departments that operates within and outside the nations. Moreover, the joint initiative ensures the transfer of safe equipment and machines from countries linked to mass killings and destruction of property to the countries. The inspection beefs up within the boundaries and sections under the supervision of UAE-U.S joint security association. The procedures applied in the transport sector ensure maximum observation that promotes homeland safety precautions.

The boundaries that channel in people and business transactions are governed through a variety of technology-based devices to ensure safety and legal procedures. Through close safety ties with the U.S, the country has obtained advanced and lethal machines that automatically determines the unsafety conditions. Face and motion detection machines and computer-mediated systems incorporated within the peripheral stone wall under the supervision of professional security. Apart from detection the devices coordinate in function to provide a wide scope within a short period. The operators call for police support in case of a malicious character is detected at the borders. The authority makes efforts to acquire antiterrorist tools to prepare adequately for any gross enemy conduct. However, the legal procedures used by the authority to obtain the facilities in the previous period do not meet the threshold for the practice. Therefore, prior training and military knowledge base with regards to the weapon in question are necessary.

Additionally, the authority imposed compulsory military training for all the residents within the desired age bracket. However, the process ensured all men are equipped with necessary skills depending on the level of education while only a considerable population of females targeted. Even though possession of military equipment is essential for the safety of a country, the knowledge base on how to deal with insecurity instances proves important. Therefore, the employees posted within the UAE borders had prerequisite intelligence knowledge to handle insecurity issues that emanates from the travellers and their goods. Subsequently, the police officers received a rigorous training session on how to combat insecurity matters before being posted to the borders.

To sum up, homeland security plays a vital role as far as the safety of the citizens and their properties are concerned. The United Arabs Emirates has undergone a series of security advancement to ensure peace within its borders. Through boundary restriction mechanisms the country has collaborated with other adjacent countries to beef up military personnel necessary to prevent security challenges. The travellers together with goods from overseas nations undergo thorough checking to eliminate security threats, dangerous weapons across the borders. Apart from security ties, the UAE has acquired advanced machines and computer-mediated procedures to detect any form of safety challenges. The country has also engaged its population on the awareness and knowledge base acquisition with regards to skills and information delivery.

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