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Russian Invasion Of Crimea (2014)

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Gazprom issue

  • The Russian government holds a 50% stake in Gazprom or Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom. Gazprom earns the government about $12. 5 billion and thus when Ukraine started to divert the gas line which connected Russia to Europe (Europe depends on Russia for 69% of its natural gas), Vladimir Putin decided to shut down all pipes through Ukraine and reroute them through Poland and Turkey. This soured the ties of Russia and Ukraine. This took place in
  • Majority of the residents of East Ukraine regard Russia as their homeland, and most of the residents are Pro-Russian citizens and speak Russian.
  • Ukraine acted as a buffer zone for Russia; it was their last line of defense but it was due to vast buffer zones that countless assailants could not make their way to Moscow. Ukraine however was becoming a more pro-western country by making a deal with the E. U and gaining support from the U. S. A. Russia could not defend itself when its neighboring country was well armed or supported by Western leaders. Russia blamed U. S. A for trying to spy on them and started to feel like their national security was at risk. Thus for pro-Russian nationalists to feel safe and secure Russia decided to invade Crimea.
  • Syria feels indebted towards Russia as Russia backed Bashar Al Assad to carry out military/ chemical strikes against the foreign backed rebels.
  • Ukraine had become a volatile state therefore the Russians decided to step in and help the people of Eastern Ukraine, without killing a single soul. Crimea then became more safe and secure (both physically and economically, due to its rich oil mines) after being Incorporated in the Russian Federation.
  • The Americans funded rebels in the Syrian Civil War, trained them by the C. I. A. , gave Afghanis guns when the Soviet Union collapsed and these Afghanis became ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban. Just so that I remind you Al Qaeda killed 2996 people in one day. So if America can fund rebels all over the world then why can Russia not, that is even if they are funding them.
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