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Sa Pa Mountains, Vietnam Vs Rainbow Mountain, Peru: Where to Visit

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Are you a hiker who so enjoys climbing mountains and looking down at the people walking and other activities and feel as though you were on top of the world? I know I do! Have you been looking for a dream destination that serves as home to a mountain for another climbing adventure? Well, search no further.

In this article, we shall take a look at two of the most wonderful mountains out there and proceed to compare and contrast them to decide which of them would offer more fun and an overall better travel experience.

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We shall take a look at Sa Pa Mountains, Vietnam and Rainbow Mountain, Peru.

  1. Sa Pa Mountains, Vietnam
  2. The Sa Pa Mountains are located in a small town in the Lao Cai area called Sapa. The mountains in this region stretch over the whole town and include some really fascinating mountains such as the Fan Si Pan which is the highest in the country. The small town is said to be home to diverse ethnic groups, four of which were the first to settle down in the Vietnamese town.

    Nowadays however, the town has become a tourist attraction and is visited by tourists from far and wide who seek to see the magnificent sights of the mountains in the area and perhaps go for a hike up them, and also to experience what their culture feels like.

    Mountains is not all what this town has to offer though. They have a not-too-big museum and a national park, along with wonderful people especially the women who would really pressurize you in a bid to get you to purchase something from them.

    All in all, the Sa Pa Mountains is really a wonderful a place to visit and if you ever went there and want to have a wonderful experience, be sure to go sight-seeing in their villages, check out the Fan Si Pan Mountain, and most importantly of all, go hiking!

  3. Rainbow Mountain, Peru
  4. Some years back, this wonder of the world was undiscovered and completely unknown to the world. All that changed however when a group of tourists after a 2 hour climb finally got to the top of this magnificent mountain and were totally stunned and out of breath (from the climbing) from what they saw.

    The rainbow mountain which is multi coloured on its top is truly a sight to behold. It is so unbelievable that if you were shown a picture, you would think the picture was doctored.

    Standing at a whopping 5,000 metres above sea level, you might want to get your full hiking gear, strength and determination in check before proceeding to climb the mountain that is said to attract about 1,000 tourists daily and rakes in about $530,000 yearly for Peru.

    Now that we are familiar with what both destinations have to offer, the million dollar question is ‘Where to visit?’

    The Sa Pa mountains offers a variety of mountains and a small town with tribal villages and people that would make your stay enjoyable and fun while the Rainbow Mountain offers the chance to behold a wonderful site and also possesses a town with nice people, along with the over 1,000 tourists said to visit there daily, your experience would definitely be also wonderful here.

    My verdict would be to check out both places if finance permits you. Otherwise, make the choice yourself. For me, I wouldn’t give up the chance to go see a colourful mountain for anything!


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