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Salsa Dancing History

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The dance styles of salsa developed in the 1920s as various styles such as Mambo, African, and “Son Montuno” came together on the island of Cuba. A studio named the new style “Salsa” and began spreading it through the island clubs. The dancers followed along, adding more complicated moves. Some salsa styles are fast and intense, with whirling partner moves, while others seem more relaxed and sensual with elements of Argentine tango or slow rhumba in them.

Skills needed

Mobility, flexibility and balance is needed to perform the many complicated moves. Physical fitness and stamina is needed to carry out the long dance routines to the end successfully.

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Personality characteristics suitable for salsa dancers: The Socialite – This person does Salsa dancing for the social aspect it provides meeting new people and attending socials The Performer – This person does Salsa dancing because of the opportunities it provides them to perform and get on stage to dance and look sexy.

Emotional & Health benefits:

Salsa dancing provides all the heart-healthy benefits of an aerobic exercise. Not only does it builds endurance and stamina it also helps with weight loss. It is also a very good stress reliever. One can release tensions, worries, and negative feelings. Also great for overcoming shyness and as you realise that you are able to reproduce steps that seem so hard at the beginning, this becomes a fantastic boost in self-esteem.

Safety considerations:

Do not dance on a slippery surface with shoes that have no grip and do not over exaggerate spins as this could lead to losing your balance and falling.

Obstacles when pursing a career in dancing:

It requires dedication and work ethic to dance every single day so one needs to have self discipline and make sacrifices to succeed. It requires a lot to healthfully fuel a dance body a strict diet consisting of protein is integral.

Job careers for dancers:

Dance teacher – You can teach at a studio, in a school with the proper qualifications, or a college dance program with a Master’s degree. Costume or clothing designer – performing and being in costumes your entire career means you know what feels good to practice in. With this advantage, you can create costumes, or clothing that is designed to be moved in or move well with the body.

Dance photographer or videographer – As an experienced dancer, have an awareness of movement when you take on photography, giving you an edge to capture great photo moments or video framing.


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