Understanding Psychological Issues Through Mind Mapping


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Introduction In life, people are presented with different difficult and very complex issues. Dealing with these complex challenges can be difficult to many. However, through the use of mind maps, one can think more creatively. In fact, mind mapping has been said to be a very effective tool in improving creative and effective thinking (Bardach & Patashnik, 2015). By using mind mapping, one can deal with problems creatively, coming up with various solutions in a simpler manner. Mind maps stimulate the brain to come up with great solutions. Mind mapping arranges and presents research concepts in visually, helping individuals to make better decisions. Through having a central keyword and presenting research concepts all around the work it is possible to work on the problem, ensuring that it is solved. Through the visual representation, organization of thoughts, creation of ideas, focusing on the main issue and coming up with the most appropriate solution for the problem is possible. It helps people to make decisions and learning. Mind mapping makes it easy to analyze and deal with a problem and work on how to solve it effectively. Mind mapping can be applied in the process of dealing with different challenges. These challenges include the process of making business decisions as well as other decisions to solve real life issues. Mind mapping is useful in the academic setting as the technique is applicable in improving the research skills of the students. This technique is crucial in qualitative research.

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This paper will deal with Sam’s struggle as presented in the case. Sam is struggling with different problems and through the use of mind mapping, the issues can be better understood and also well analyzed before creating the best solution for the struggle. Having struggled with many issues since childhood, there is the need to understand every aspect within Sam’s struggles and work on the best possible solutions. Case Analysis Analysis of the Problem During the solution of any problem, critical and creative thinking is very important. This makes it possible to come up with different alternative solutions for the problem, making its solution easier. Sam had many issues, which needed a lot of analysis before they could be solved. Under this section, Sam’s issues will be analyzed fully to ensure that Sam’s major issues are understood. Difficulty in Making Friends Since his childhood, Sam has found it difficult to form friendships with people. This has been among the major challenges facing Sam. Through the use of mind mapping, this issue can be analyzed in a better way.

There are major factors which are contributing to this issue. One of the problems could be parental love. Since his childhood, Sam has not been able to make friends and the lack of parental love and guidance since his young childhood can be attributed to this. Parenting is a very important contributor to a child’s ability to make friends. Friendships in children’s lives are useful in nurturing the children and improving the wellbeing of the children. Many people overlook friendships but it should be considered as one of the most important factors of a child’s wellbeing and good development. It is important for one to have a good support system and this starts with parenting. If parenting is poor, then it is difficult for a child to develop good friendships. Children’s friendships are very good in the children’s abilities to develop social skills. Declining Performance in School Sam’s academic performance was deteriorating and at some point, his parents had to argue in the principal’s office about who was to blame for the poor academic performance. Sam’s performance can be attributed to numerous factors. However, the social support is the main determinant of how a child performs. Children’ parenting, how they interact with their parents or guardians, and their supervision contributes largely to the performance. In Sam’s case, his academic decline could be due to lack of parent’s supervision as the parents’ focus wrong parenting choices. Sam’s parents had neglected him and this means that he was left to make his own choices from a very young age, leading to his poor decision making. Children always need guidance and supervision to ensure that they do what is required of them always. Sam’s parents should have set aside some time to help Sam in becoming better in his studies. Also, bullying may have contributed to the poor academic performance as Sam seems to have been dealing with low self-esteem due to the bullying. Sam is also rebellious and anytime his mother would ask him about school, he did not like it. Lack of friends and a social life could also have a major impact on Sam’s performance. Lack of a good support system is a major contributor to the poor performance by Sam. With no parental love or friendships, Sam was left all alone to take care of his challenges. Becoming Overweight Research shows that obesity or overweight problems in children are caused by different factors.

Some of the major factors include lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns or a combination of both. Also, stress and depression can be a major contribution to the problem of being extremely overweight. It is true that most people without social life and with self-esteem issues try to stuff that void by overeating. His sedentary lifestyle and taking up a lot of calories led to Sam’s increased weight. Sam’s overweight problem was contributed to by loneliness and boredom and stress because of his lack of friends. His sedentary lifestyle could be contributed to by lack of friends because many children’s physical activity can be through playing. With Sam lacking playing partners, it is difficult for him to engage in any meaningful physical activity. Unhealthy Internet Use Another issue Sam has been struggling with is the unhealthy internet use. Sam is said to have stumbled upon an unfavorable website. This website could affect Sam’s life in many ways. There are several factors which could have led to his unhealthy internet consumption including his boredom (Weinstein & Lejoyeux, 2010). Sam was always bored because he did not have any friend or cousins to interact with and engage in social and fun activities. Sam was almost always lonely as his parents were not home and Sam found himself engaging in bad habits with no one to guide him on what to do and what not to do. Sam did not have any good hobbies to help him pass his free time. This is the reason Sam resorted to internet surfing to pass time. Research shows that bored children use internet to escape the reality of the issues they are facing in real life. This leads to many children using smartphones to surf the internet as a way to spend their leisure time. Low tolerance for distress is a major contributor to children’s misuse of smartphones to surf the internet, according to Caplan (2006). No Relationships Sam did not have any friends and he was mostly bored and lonely. One of the reasons as to why Sam had no friends could be because Sam was overweight and he used to be bullied.

This led to Sam isolating himself. He also had difficulties in making friends. Poor parenting could have led to Sam’s struggles because his parents did not communicate with him and this affected his interpersonal skills. Development of good relationships in any child can be attributed to their social skills. With Sam lacking friendships since his young age, he has not been able to form good relationships with other people. Also, he is afraid of making friends because he avoids people due to his overweight problem. Consequences of Sam’s Struggle With the many issues affecting Sam, these could lead to very adverse consequences, now and in the future. Sam’s struggles had various consequences including the development of anti-social behavior, poor academic development, insecurity and unfavorable use of the internet (Shin, 2015). Sam could not make any friends and he had very bad communication skills because he did not develop any interpersonal skills since his young age. This is because his parents were not there for him. His bad use of the Internet was due to the bad influence. This could lead to Sam making very poor choices, which ultimately could affect his entire life. According to studies, excessive and unfavorable internet use can lead to very many negative consequences. Some of the major consequences include internet addiction disorder among children, easy access to pornography, reduced physical activity, which can have a negative impact on the health of the children, as well as vulnerability to cyber-bullying (Wang, Luo, Gao & Kong, 2012). Social isolation and cyber suicide are also other problems which can be attributed to the excessive use of internet.

Possible Solutions To deal with Sam’s struggles, there are various solutions which can be helpful. Some of the major ways through which Sam’s struggle will be dealt with include restricting his access to smartphones or any device capable of accessing the internet, encouraging him to form friendships, education, exercise and counselling. Education Education is always very important in helping someone having challenges with bad habits. Sam’s excessive use of the internet can have a very bad impact on him. Therefore, educating Sam on the dangers and risks of the bad internet habits will improve Sam’s understanding of the best ways to use the internet and minimize the chance of Sam being affected poorly by the internet. Also, education can help in mitigating the negative impacts of the internet on Sam. Sam needs to be educated about issues such as cybercrimes and cyberbullying, which can affect his life negatively. Education can also be important in showing Sam the importance of healthy living and avoidance of sedentary life. Eating healthy is important and therefore Sam should be trained on what healthy eating is. Educating Sam on the avoidance of sodas and junk food can help in the regulation of his body weight. As the saying goes, one’s weight is determined by what he or she eats. Therefore, Sam should be enlightened about good eating habits. Exercising Being overweight is a big problem, which may lead to serious and chronic health issues in the future. Therefore, there is need for Sam to exercise frequently. Through regular exercise and avoiding eating junk, Sam can reduce the health risks associated with being overweight. Also, good exercise and eating well can help improve his body shape, making him feel good about himself and ultimately improving his self-esteem (Gill, Kok, Peters, Frissen, Schols, & Plasqui, 2017). Sam’s isolation is probably because of his low self-esteem and this could be contributed by the fact that Sam feels uncomfortable when around people because he fears being bullied because he is overweight. Exercising is essential in the stimulation of endorphins, which are essential in lifting a person’s mood. Many diseases can be combated by healthy eating and exercising. Issues such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, depression, arthritis, and some types of cancers are attributed to unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle. Also, hypertension is as a result of such living.

Therefore, through exercise and eating healthy food, Sam will be able to prevent these lifestyle diseases from affecting him. Counseling Counseling is very important in improving the lifestyle of Sam. A counselor can help Sam in the process of adopting a healthy lifestyle, while avoiding major health issues, which may affect him in the future. Also, a counselor will be very important in showing Sam the importance of concentrating on his academics and minimizing distractions. The counselor will play a crucial role of helping the Sam to overcome bad internet use and his boredom. One of the major problems faced by Sam is low self-esteem. Through counseling, Sam can build a good self-image. Self-image is the determinant of every person’s life. A counselor will be helpful in improving how Sam sees himself and this will improve his relations with other individuals. Anytime Sam is bullied, instead of keeping quiet and dealing with the problem through isolating himself, he should report any case of bullying to the counselor and any other appropriate authority. This will improve the way Sam can deal with the issue. Recommendation and Conclusion A child’s upbringing can have impacts which can stay for lifetime. Therefore, parenting is essential not only in the academic performance of the child, but also in the development of interpersonal and social skills, which are useful in one’s entire life. Among the most important recommendation for this Sam’s struggle is parenting. Parenting is the determinant of a child’s growth (Shin, 2015). It has an impact on a child’s interpersonal skills and it also impacts a child’s self-esteem as well as the choices made by the child. Parenting also affects the education life. Parents should pay more attention to the child in order to help in building the foundation and prevent negative activities. It is recommended that positively encouraging Sam is important in ensuring that his performance is improved. Also positive encouragement has an impact on the self-esteem of Sam. Sam’s time management is very poor as he spends a lot of time on the internet and watching television when bored (Shin, 2015). He does not focus on his educational life. Therefore, through good parenting, Sam’s performance can be significantly improved. Crafting a healthy diet for Sam is important in dealing with his weight problem. The parents should work with nutritionists to come up with the best diet for Sam. This will help in improving Sam’s health and reducing his weight significantly, and consequently, Sam’s self-esteem would be improved. Sam’s parents should change their jobs in order to spend more time with Sam. Both parents should take responsibility without blaming one another. This will help in modeling Sam to become a better person. One way to do that is through showing Sam that he is loved and showing him the importance of creating good relationships with people (Towns, 2018). Spending more time with Sam would help him to develop good interpersonal skills. Also, it will be important for Sam’s parents to pay more attention to Sam’s activities, on the Internet and any other activities Sam is engaging in. Also, keenly monitoring Sam’s academics will help in creating an environment for the improvement of Sam’s performance. This can also be very important in minimizing the excessive use of internet to avoid problems such as the excessive internet use, which can land Sam into trouble. Overall, the wellbeing of a child is determined by the environment within which that child grows up. With Sam feeling neglected, he felt that the only way to escape his woes was through moving towards bad habits and engaging in risky behavior such as poor internet use, eating unhealthy food such as snacks and soda. Also being secluded is a major problem and Sam’s self-esteem led him to being secluded. For that reason, it is important for parents and all those around a child such as Sam to help him in developing good habits and avoid activities and habits which can have a bad impact on the child’s life as he grows up.

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