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San Francisco-Based Naked Labs

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San Francisco-Based Naked Labs has begun shipping their smart rotary weighing pans and 3D scanning mirrors. After connecting to the smartphone app, Naked creates a 3D model of the body to present a variety of health statistics more clearly. The Naked system consists of three parts, the first being a smart mirror. It is equipped with three embedded Intel RealSense depth sensors that scan objects in three dimensions.

The application interface displays data on the progress of physical exercise (body weight/body fat). The built-in laser sight helps to achieve perfect posture every time. A laptop-level processor can compress approximately 4GB of data generated per scan into a usable model. Standing on the weighing pan and facing the mirror, you can create a 3D view of the human body. The second part of the system is a scale with a turntable that can be used on hard floors or carpets. The built-in battery can be charged close to the smart mirror, which needs to be powered through a wall outlet. Combined measurement The user only needs to stand up and then wait for 15 seconds to complete a 3D scan of each inch of the body (with a resolution of about 1/10 inches). The shape on the right side of the picture above looks more “young.” The third part of the system is the matching smartphone app. After the device completes the 3D scan, the user can receive it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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Statistics screen

The application measures the circumference of the neck, shoulders, chest, upper arms, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and the upper, middle, and lower thighs. Then combined with body weight, body fat and other indicators data, give a comprehensive set of fitness goals guidelines.

A series of circumferential measurements are performed during operation

If you think that the 3D image is too private to share with your friends, it doesn’t matter. But you’d better have confidence in the security of data stored in the cloud.

Male model

The set of smart weighing pans and stand mirrors is priced at $1,395 (9944 RMB). As for other uses of the Naked home shape scanner, it is estimated that it can promote potential business models such as clothing customization.

The Naked Smart Mirror, which is placed in the home, doesn’t look awkward. The mirror can be connected to the wall power jack and then the USB pan can be charged via USB. It’s pretty good to be on the side of the gym.

As an ordinary mirror and weight scale

A 3D scan can be recorded at each stage of the workout. App demo: physical comparison between April and December The $1,395 price may scare away many people, but Naked Labs’ successful crowd funding (a round of about 1400 playing dollars) indicates that consumers are quite convinced of their business model.


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