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In “The House Of Mango Street”, Sandra Cisneros creates a curious tone with Esperanza the book which draws us more into the story and makes us more curious about the book. It makes us, the readers, think more and kind of draws us more into detail about the characters in “The House Of Mango Street.” To make Esperanza's tone like this she must put some suspense into the book so that whenever Esperanza is talking to us with that type of tone that she is using it draws us more into the book. The tone of voice that Esperanza represents is her emotion. With the emotion being given to us it draws us into the story.

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In “The House On Mango Street”, Esperanza’s curious tone about the world she lives in invites the readers to share that curiosity. The “Four Skinny Trees” had made Esperanza curious, here is a summary of this vignette, “Esperanza compares herself to the trees outside her house. She thinks that both she and the trees do not belong in the barrio but are stuck there anyway. Both she and they have secret strength and anger. The trees teach her not to forget her reason for being. They inspire her because they have grown despite the concrete that tries to keep them in the ground”. The curiosity of Esperanza shows that she has a clear understanding of what’s going on in the world, what’s going on in life, and what’s going on with her family and friends. Esperanza isn’t treated like a little kid even though she is very young for her age, she is treated like an adult. Esperanza isn’t a normal kid, at her age she is more mature. Esperanza also has a good understanding of life and what’s going on around her. With, while we are reading “The House Of Mango Street” hearing Esperanza’s voice she always sounds like she is very curious about things going around her and it draws us in asking ourselves questions and wanting to know more. The tone of Esperanza’s voice brings out so much curiosity that makes us read more and try to get a better understanding of her and everything going on in Esperanza’s life.

In the vignette “Our Good Day,” Esperanza describes how she runs into two girls, Lucy and her sister Rachel, who moved in from Texas. All of the girls want to chip in on buying a bike together, so the girls ask Esperanza if she will put in five dollars. Esperanza had been warned that she shouldn’t give the girls the money, but she does it anyway, but takes her sister's money and not hers. Once the girls got the bike they were all riding on it together and sharing the bike like they had promised each other. Lucy and Rachel had been explaining to Esperanza and Nanny that they look nothing alike and that they don’t have any resemblance to each other. Then, suddenly Esperanza saw a house that reminded her of Mexico for some odd reason, and her sister looked at it and said that she was thinking the same thing. Her curiosity about the house that reminded her of Mexico and her looking at her sister as if they knew exactly what they were talking about draw me into the story and it makes me think about what they are talking about that makes them think of Mexico. It brings out a side of her that brings out her tone of curiosity toward her sister and even the way she looks at her sister because only they knew what they were talking about not us. So just the curiosity about the house that Esperanza had been looking at and then just looking at her sister Nanny made them understand one another and they knew exactly what they were thinking about, but we didn’t know so it makes us curious as to why it makes the girls think of the house as Mexico.

In the vignette “Alicia & I Talking on Edna’s Steps,” Esperanza doesn’t want to admit she lived on Mango Street for a year. Esperanza had been ashamed of the home that she lived in, and she never truly thought of it as home. Alicia always tells Esperanza that someday she will come back to fix it. Esperanza has dreamt of having “A House Of My Own” and dreams of having it quiet and clean. Nothing dirty, nothing messy, she wishes to have everything perfect. In the vignette “Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes,” Esperanza thinks about how someday she will leave this house that she never really liked but has somehow become her home. She writes about it in her journal so that when she thinks of it, it isn’t haunting to her anymore. She knows that one day she was going to leave eventually, but she also knows that she will return soon. This truly got me more into the book of she was saying to Alicia that she knew it wasn’t her home, but she will come back soon. It made it seem that like how she was eventually going to be curious as to what her old home will be like. Also, I know she didn’t say this specifically in the story but eventually, she was going to be curious as to what will be her real home and when it will happen. She was probably asking herself questions and talking to her sister Nanny about it. It brings out her curiosity not only about where she thinks her real home will be, but it will bring out her curiosity about what’s going on around her. Her tone of curiosity about what’s going on around her, questioning how things will go and how they will work, and just how she will grow up with all these curious questions and curious thoughts about the world.

In conclusion, to restate what I was talking about, the prompt that I chose was “What role does Esperanza’s narrative voice play within the novel? How does Cisneros craft a narrative voice that allows the reader to open herself up to this world?” This had interested me. It did make me think about how Esperanza opens herself up to this world and what stuck out to me was her tone of curiosity because it draws us more into the book and makes us want to know more about what’s going to happen next. This matters to me because without her tone of curiosity there would be nothing to bring us to, there would be nothing that would draw us more into the book. Without her curiosity about the book, we wouldn’t be as interested in the book as with her curiosity, that’s why it matters to me.

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