Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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This research paper based on Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. In the article, the illegal act is discussed in detail, inclusive of the stage, the involved and the law enforcement measures taken after that. However, the paper diverts to criticize the whole act by conspiracy theories. The paper seeks to elaborate on what conspiracy theories entail. It describes the aspect of conspiracy theories about illegal actions. This approach put the Sandy Elementary shooting context. The study describes the killings as staged by the government or other powerful parties within the nation. The conspiracy theory is backed up by different examples given about the findings.

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Mass killings are rare crimes in the American society. Whenever they happen, they are either staged with political alignment or associated with terror groups. Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting by Adam Lanza in the year 2012 was recorded as the most deadly mass killing to occur in a learning institution, and the fourth mass shooting to be staged by an individual. This killing which left 28 people dead drew national attention, with the Barak Obama-The president by then ordering a state mourning. Apart from creating debate and new proposals on gun control and gun legislation, the killings also attracted various conspiracy theories about the staging of the shootings.

Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting

December 14, 2012, was a blue dawn in the Sandy Hook Elementary school and the entire US nation. The day goes down the history of mass killing, creating tension and fear in the states. This massacre was the fourth highest mass killing. Adam Lanza was the sole killer in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Adam Peter Lanza, the son of Peter Lanza and Nancy Lanza. Adam lived in Newtown with his 52-year-old mother. At the time of the mass killing and suicide, Adam Lanza was 20 years old. In the morning of 14 December 2012, Adam shot her mother in her bedroom before proceeding to Sandy Hook Elementary School using his mother’s car. On arrival at the school gate, Adam broke into the school compound by shooting and breaking the glass opening.

Within the school compound, Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six members of the school staff before killing himself. The records of the killing show that the shootings happened between 9:35 am and 9:40 am. Adam walked through the classrooms, shooting the children and the staff he came across. Most of the children and staff shot were trying to hide themselves, while the survivors saved their lives by hiding from the angry killer who was heard cursing severally. Most of the children shot to death among others who survived injuries aged between 6 and seven years. There is no reliable evidence as to the cause of the mass killing by Adam Lanza. Findings show that Adam Lanza had previously destroyed the hard disc of his laptop. It is evidence that there was some information concerning the staged killings within the hard drive. Adam had researched on other mass killings down the history to stage his sole shooting.

Adams mother was the owner of the guns used in the killings. Findings show that Nancy, Adam’s mother had taken Adam and his brother for shooting training, where he had learned on how to use the firearms. However, it was evident that her mother had no fear of his son. They all lived in one house. Also, Adam Lanza had no criminal records. He had not even shown prior interest in owning or using firearms or associating with terrorist activities. There is no clear evidence why Adam Lanza planned to attack Sandy Hook Elementary School, which was his former school some years back. Although there are claims that Adam had previously shown signs of mental disorders, the medical report shows that the allegations were null and void, and were not the cause of the killings. The similar medical report indicates that Adam Lanza was not influenced by drugs to stage the massacre.

Conspiracy theories criticizing the Sandy Hooks Elementary school shooting

Explanation of conspiracy theory

Terror attacks among other illegal activities happen daily across the world. Terror group and individuals plan most of them. However, there is a belief that some of the unlawful activities are designed by the government and other powerful parties with the aim of achieving personal interest. In a good example, a state may stage a terror attack to initiate some legal amendments. In such cases, the country produces findings that seem to blind the people from the core motive. However, conspiracy theories come out to explain the illegal acts as carried out by the government. In a case where the conspiracy theories are involved, the analysis of the crime always contradicts the general understanding by the people as instilled by the state. The Sandy Hooks Elementary School shooting is not an exemption to these conspiracy theories. The theories gain their strengths from the contradicting reports and findings that include wrong photographs of both the shooter and the victims. The aspect of the guns used and the number of the killers has also raised concerns, with the conspiracy theories extending their criticisms to the measures put in place there after the massacre.

The government involvement theory

Conspiracy theories claim that the government staged the shootings and killings in the Sandy Hooks elementary school. This approach argues that there was indirect government involvement in the murder. In one of the outstanding criticisms, there are claims that the shootings by Adams Lanza were pushed by the politicians and the US government to create the basis for the legislation on gun control. After the killings, there were amendments to the firearms legislation that included stricter control measures. The president by then – Barak Obama signed a small arms treaty with the United Nations following the killings. According to Clyde Lewis, there is no explanation on how Adam Lanza killed at the same time when the president Barak Obama signed the small arms treaty.

Same conspiracy theories claim that the killings were staged by the politicians to gain popularity on the gun control legislation. According to the criticisms, the shootings intended to create an image of risk factor rather than the intended protective factor considered in the second amendment of the US constitution. The four guns used by Adams Lanza were for the mother, who is claimed to possess more firearms. Although the law aims at fulfilling the people’s right to self-defense, the government staged the shootings to portray how unregulated possession of weapons has propagated criminality, and maybe, impose strict measures on possession of firearms. According to the theorist, the evidence on the School shooting was either forged or hidden. Among those supporting this conspiracy theory is Ron Paul, who on his website ‘The Daily Paul’ described the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting as a hoax, and Obama’s project to take away the guns.

LIBOR scandal theory

Other conspiracy theories relate the Sandy School shootings to the Libor scandal. Peter Lanza, who is Adam’s father, was among the Energy financial services executives. He was the GE of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).During the time of the shootings, there were multiple fraudulent actions reported from the LIBOR to have been corrupted by the banks to manipulate the interest rates for selfish gains. Simultaneously, the father of James Holmes was also an executive of the LIBOR. The two among other LIBOR executives were to appear before the Senate to give a report and testify the alleged scandal. According to the theories, the banks involved in the scandal staged two shootings including the sons of the executives as a way of interfering with the testimonies that could have been given by their fathers.

The first shooting was at Movie Theater in Aurora. James Holmes, the shooter killed twelve people by shooting before been arrested. The court sentenced James to life imprisonment. The participation of the sons of the two executives of LIBOR in shootings same year before the hearing of the LIBOR scandal by the Senate banking committee is questionable. Probably, this was planned by the banks in order discredit the evidence that the testimonies of the two members of the LIBOR executives could present. However, there are claims that there were no hearings scheduled by the Senate banking committee.

The shooting was forgery

Conspiracy theories claim that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school never occurred. The whole evidence and witnesses are forgery with the alleged victims still claimed to be alive. A good example is Emilie Packer. She was suspected to be among the victims killed by Adam Lanza. However, photos and videos circulating on YouTube show that she is still alive. She even posed with President Obama on a picture when the president visited the school after the crime. On that photograph, Emilie appears with the same dress that she is in the family photograph that was taken a while before the alleged shooting. The school principal was also among the dead victims. However, she was later quoted in other encounters aftermath, creating criticism on whether the massacre was real or virtual. The FBI statistics do not take record of the Sandy Hooks Elementary school shooting. According to FBI reports, there were no cases of murder reported from Newtown in 2012. However, some reports from the state police agency show that the 26 killings recorded in the ‘police state Misc.’ This could, however, be the awkward assumption and the last to believe in the conspiracy theories, because most of those who lost their relatives in the shooting still confess.

Hoax conspiracy theory

Sandy Hook elementary school shooting seems to be staged to deceive people. Someone either knew the killing before it occurred. The memorial pages were alleged to have been created sometime before the shootings. Maybe, someone recognized the actual victims, or the whole thing was just an act. There is also a contradicting report from the eyewitnesses concerning the number of the shooters. Although Adam Lanza is alleged to be the sole shooter, Ben Swann, a news anchor among other researchers still hold that more than four gunmen were involved in the killing. A short while after the massacre, the police helicopter chased a man across the woods behind the school, who some allege to be among the other shooters. There was also another person traced within the woods, whose findings presume him to be a soldier duty. Some of the children who survived the killings claim that they saw a man being arrested by the police some minutes after the massacre. However, the official findings allege these claims to the confusing situation that engulfs every crime scene, especially where mass killing is involved.


Theories will remain to be theories until they are established by facts to be real. Just like any other theories, there is no substantial evidence on the claims by the arguments. Such approaches are essential as they trigger further research to establish the reality and truth in the findings. However, As much as the claims may be valid, they stand out to be contradicting with the results, and in some case offend the victims of the crime. Most of the complaints are contrary to the law, and much of this may build more criticism to the leadership, hence should not be encouraged. Although the conspiracy theories may help establish the reality of actual causes of some illegal acts, they should be limited to humanity and confined within the state regulations. Otherwise, much of the conspiracy theories may trigger protest against the government and result in political tension.

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