Sarah Winnemucca and Luther Standing's Thoughts on American Imperialism

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Luther standing bear is one of the main local Americans creators, teachers, and thinkers. He battled to safeguard the Lakota legacy and sovereignty and was at the forefront of a Progressive development to change government arrangement towards Native Americans. Standing Bear was one of a little gathering of Lakota pioneers of his age, for example, Black Elk, Gertrude Bonnin and Charles Eastman, who were brought up in the oral customs of their way of life, taught in white culture and composed noteworthy memorable records of their kin and history in English. Standing Bear's critiques on Native American culture and insight instructed the American open, extended open mindfulness and made well known help to change government strategies toward Native American people groups. Luther Standing Bear made the prevalent twentieth century picture that Native American culture is all-encompassing and deferential of nature.

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Sarah Winnemucca, who was born around 1844, did not know that she was American. Born Thocmetony (Shell Flower) among the Numa (known among whites as the Northern Paiute or “digger” Indians), she roamed with her people over western Nevada and eastern Oregon, gathering plants and fish from local lakes. But even during her early years, Winnemucca had learned to be afraid of the men. Sarah Winnemucca lived in the quickly changing universe of the nineteenth-century west. As white pilgrims attacked Winnemucca's country, the existence she and her local individuals once knew quickly went under attack. Winnemucca ended up wedged between two fantastically various universes. Since early on Winnemucca took in the craft of adjusting and re-adjusting to her continually evolving environment’s “white” (blue) eyes, who looked like owls because of their beards.

For Winnemucca, being “American” was a complicated process of adopting the behaviors and language of people she had reason to distrust. Luther and Sarah Winnemucca both have similar outcomes when it came to American imperialism. They had to learn to adjust to accepting new ideas and adopting new manners. Luther and Sarah both needed to adjust shuffling two societies. The two of them needed to manage them not tolerating them for what their identity is and needed to change in accordance with their way of life. Luther managed the physical changes and uneasiness about his body. He managed the adjustment in apparel, nourishment, and repression and the loss of almost 50% of his kin. They wanted him to totally change his way of life to an American culture. They denied him of his Indian culture yet in addition his American rich legacy. Sarah dealt with the issues of her white brothers. She needed to manage the separation from warriors slaughtering youngsters and watching them consume alive. The administration regarded them as though they were detainees living in an inhumane imprisonment.      

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