Satire in the Economic Society of Canada

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The aspect of Canadian society being satirized is that of the economic society. Rick Mercer is shining a light on political issues that harm generations to come by humoring the situation in an entertaining way. Refer to the video RMR: Minty Air Act, Rick Mercer depicts Canada’s neglection to what should be a very obvious pollution issue.

The video is in the form of an advertisement for a filter company, coming out with a new product. Their advertisement started off with Rick Mercer and a young girl, possible his daughter, out on a morning walk near the beach. Not only is there a massive body of water, but there is also a factory or corporation releasing humongous amounts of Carbon, Methane, and possible SO4. Rick Mercer, being a paid actor for this advertisement, goes on about how minty the air is, and he can not breathe from how great it is. The camera then shows that the filter had taken the pollution or the gases coming out of the building had turned green from all the mint used to filter.

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There is an obvious problem, and it is not just the pollution. These big factories are located near large waters for the worst. This makes it easier for companies to dump waste into the oceans, and although the world is trying its best to resolve this issue with machines and environmental engineers, back in 2010 and before the video was released, they sadly did not have the same ambitions. Everyone turns a blind eye towards pollution. They know how harmful it is to nature, yet people tend to say that it is not my business , and shy away because that is the easiest thing to do. When the advertisement in the video said that they filtered the emissions with Minty Air Act, were they trying to find a solution without tackling the issue? For example, reducing emissions meaning money to manufacture a machine that does that Why don’t we just filter the emissions by adding mint! Mint is clean!

The satirical advertisement was spot on with the accuracy of human society. Even though as of 2018 there have been multiple attempts to reduce greenhouse emissions, that does not cover the fact that no matter how much we reduce them, they are still being released in the air by little or lot. If the result of our actions are not shown in 100 years, they will still show up in a 1000 years.

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