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First of all, satire should not be insulting or angry. It is not the point of it! It has to provide a clever sense of humor that brings out the ... qualities that should not be there in the first place. You can even say that good satire should teach us a lesson and carry educational content. Any good satire essay should be filled with examples and a little bit of analysis so that readers can understand your point. You can check our example of an essay on satire to see how the use of comparisons, metaphors, irony, and a bit of an exaggeration speak of daily issues in our lives. Regardless if you choose politics or college dandys, stay kind!

Satire is a literary genre that ridicules human and societal shortcomings. Through sarcasm and irony, its main goal is to offer constructive social criticism. It often uses figures of speech, such as double entendre, analogy, comparison, juxtaposition, exaggeration, burlesque, and parody.

Major Writers

Voltaire, Molière, Alexander Pope


The earliest examples of satire are found in an Egyptian writing called The Satire of the Trades. It dates from the 2nd millennium BC. Ancient Greeks used the form a lot, but they referred to it as parody or cynicism.


Satire is an old form of social study, and it’s regarded as one of the most effective ways to criticize and understand society. Throughout history, authors have used it to ridicule and debunk leading politicians, religious leaders, and other prominent figures of power.

Why Is This Topic Important?

The main goal of this literary form is to challenge popular opinions through irony and humor, and make people aware of the realistic state of affairs.

Quotes about Satire
  • “A poem in which wickedness or folly is censured.” – Samuel Johnson
  • “Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.” – Jonathan Swift
Interesting Facts

People have the right to use satire to criticize individuals and society. This right is protected by the U.S. Constitution as freedom of speech. Still, satire can be censored when it involves revulsion, victim targeting, and other offensive elements.

Arguments For

Satire can be used as a tactical weapon for triggering reforms in a society.

Arguments Against

Regardless of the level of humor in its expression, satire can be malicious, harmful, and abusive.

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