Satirical Essay on Negative Effects of Texting and Technology Addiction

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In today’s society people have become obsessed with technology as it keeps advancing and businesses keep advertising their new products and apps. Technology is promoting individuals to become disconnected from reality and hypnotizing them into the online world. This has allowed people to suffer from internet addiction which puts their health at risk and affects their behavior.

The addiction of technology is on the rise of taking over the mind of individuals and will gradually get worse. These electronic gadgets and apps were created to leave a positive impact, however, many problems have surfaced with the rise of new technology. Technology is supposed to make lives easier, but it has been an inconvenience. We believe we are connected more than ever, but in reality relationships and connections are decreasing. “It dangerously affects the ability of people to have one-on-one conversations with each other. People are now using texts and emails to talk to each other instead of talking to one another face-to-face” (Craft 3 out of 8). Physical interaction isn’t being valued anymore and its importance is being forgotten. The people we see every day are like ghosts that fill our society. Interaction will not only affect the ones around us, but also ruin ourselves as well. The internet has caused us to live in isolation which puts a strain on both mental and physical health. When one is incapable of interacting with the outside world, they are cut off from family, friends, exercise, current issues, etc. “The continuous effects of addiction to the internet can predispose an individual to situations that involve depression and in extreme cases, substance abuse” (Craft 4 out of 8).

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Due to lack of interaction, isolation can affect one’s mindset. People start to experience a negative change in their life. They will go through a deep depression and even turn to drugs because they aren’t in touch with reality and have lost those relationships with the ones around them. Self-image is another big problem that society faces. People are willing to change themselves to be accepted on the online world. This is unhealthy and people aren’t being true to themselves. We are willing to change our appearance and personality to fit in which shows that people aren’t appreciating themselves enough. “Teens who have created idealized online personas may feel frustrated and depressed at the gap between who they pretend to be online and who they truly are '' (Jacobson 3 out of 11). Social media is showing that people are living a lie and it causes more damage to one mentally. As technology keeps improving, people are growing apart from others and themselves. The addiction is destroying us internally and causing us to lose touch with reality with the rest of the world and within our minds and bodies.

The medium being used in my social commentary sample was a satirical article. The author was making fun of himself on how he is up to date with the new apple gadgets even though most devices do the same thing now. He also emphasizes how he can’t go in public and not pull his phone out because he has become addicted and it’s turned to a daily habit to check our phones every minute, this relates to today because everywhere one goes, someone is seen with their phone out. He is making the point that it has become common for us to carry these gadgets around and never take our eyes off them. Another idea that was brought up in this sarcastic article was that text etiquette is unheard of, messages aren’t proper anymore, slang is taking over and people are starting to become lazy and illiterate. He makes the point that knowledge is decreasing. The destruction of communication is also brought up. He explains how he spent all night texting a friend, however, when they got the chance to meet up they both were glued to their phones (irony). Techniques being used in this sample is irony and sarcasm. The author of this piece is not only criticizing himself but society as well. Yes, I believe this piece can be effective and bring awareness to technology being destructive and dangerous. This article shows how we can allow ourselves to become different people when technology gains interest and popularity, it takes over our minds and controls us to be someone we aren’t. When technology affects us it also affects the ones around us as well, and we become lost in a fantasy that blinds us from the truth. It shows people that any type of addiction is dangerous and can endanger their physical and mental health.

In conclusion, yes I do agree that technology overuse has cons that can be crucial to one’s life. Technology is a big issue that society faces and not controlled or minimized, people can be at risk of destroying their own life.

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