Satisfaction on Food and Services at the School Canteen

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Many of the universities and colleges have food service operations that are providing several choice food options and delivering flesh, healthy, tasty ingredients in a way that satisfy the students. (Matsumoto, 2002). We all know that most of the students love to eat especially when they are at the school. They always want to be satisfied, majority of the students increasingly suffering from overweight and obesity because of over eating.

Nowadays, the school canteen offered different kind of foods to the students to be satisfied and they also offered the full time services to the students. The students need to be participated to the school canteen to improve the facility especially the school canteen. We want to show to the students if the school serve the right amount of food and the services of the staff. And we want to show to the students if the school canteen provides the exact amount or with excessive food offered to the students at the school canteen.

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Many researchers had been conducted research in terms of Satisfaction on Food and Services of Students at the School Canteen. While the importance of this study is to promote the food and services that the school canteen offered. Some studies have recognized various of the factors that influence customer’s satisfaction of dining experience, include wait time, quality of service, a receptiveness of front-line staff, menu selection, food prices, food quality, food consistency, ambience of the facilities, and convenience (Sulek & Hensley 2004; Iglesias & Yague 2004; Andaleeb &Conway 2006).

These relay to the actual outcomes, or the core service, as professed by the customer. Material profit are produced and consumed at the similar moment through the cooperation and run into process in the delivery of service. These benefits include, for example, the physical atmosphere where the basis benefits and provided. In the restaurant business, appreciable aspect includes atmosphere, interior design, lighting, and dining area layout (Kim, Lee, & Yoo 2006).

In Germany, the number of students generate by means of food has really expanded until the last 4 years, and in other countries such as the USA and Great Britain, school lunch programs have been a part of everyday life for a extensive time (BMBF 2007; DCSF 2007; USDA 2008). Against a background of the increasing weight problems affect children and youth (e.g. Flegal & Troiano 2000; Kimm & Obarzanek 2002; WHO/FAO 2003; Benecke & Vogel 2004; Wang & Lobstein 2006) and their broad load for the health care systems, peacemakers and the general public are showing a rising awareness in defending actions when it comes on food and services. (Hill & Trowbridge 1998; Heseker & Schmidt 2000; WHO European Ministerial Conference on Counteracting Obesity 2006; Booth et al. 2008).

A number of studies have analyzed the link between the expenses of certain types of food and obesity (Prentice & Jebb 2003; James et al. 2004; Kennedy 2004) and the consequence of well‐balanced school meals on the nutritional status of children and youth (Gleason & Suitor 2003). This determines the importance of school‐meal programs and their influence on healthy food variety among children and youth. All‐day schools, as government‐supported foundation, represent a prospect to influence nutrition patterns by contributing a highly nutritious lunch. This might add to the improvement of long‐lasting healthy food‐related lifestyles and good behavior and nourishing habits.

Presentation of food is one of the most needs of the school. It will attract the costumers to buy. It is important because all costumers want an attractive presentation especially when it comes on food presentation. Palatability is having a pleasant or satisfying taste of the food. It is typically has to do with the way things taste, and it comes from the word palate, which in turn is rooted in the Latin palatum, or “roof of the mouth.”(Vocabulary, Dictionary)

The nutritional value of food defines what a food is made of and its’ impact on the body. Because of disease and weight control, it’s particularly important to understand the nutritional value of food due to the impact on the body as it relates to cholesterol, fat, salt, and sugar intake. The food label is the main tool enabling consumers to know the nutritional values in order to make informed decisions about consumption. (Thompson, 2017) Cost it is the prices of the food that the school canteen sell. We need to think wisely if the food we buy is not over price, the students must take a good care of their money. Many students don’t know how to budget their money, in this study we want to help all the students who are suffering in budgeting their money or allowance.

Our school canteen should be clean to avoid any illness and to prevent the hygiene in it. We need to throw our garbage in the proper waste to avoid pollution in our school canteen. The floor must be swept and mopped to ensure that flies and other pests are kept at bay. So we should keep our school canteen clean to be as good as it can be. Our crew is the heart of the canteen, because without them there will be no food and services. They are very important, because they help us especially when we need a food. They maintain our school canteen clean and presentable.

We conduct this study to help the students more knowledgeable and give some important information. We gathered important information through asking and searching. Social media help us to find important information that can help in making our study more informative. This study will focus on the school canteen of St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga, the foods and services that they are offering. The establishment and operation of the school canteen is important in developing this loyalty. Therefore, the St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga should offer nutritious and healthy food at inexpensive prices. The survey questionnaire was given to the selected senior high school students to know the level of student satisfaction in St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga. Questions focus on Level of Student Satisfaction in terms of the Cleanliness, Taste of Food, Utensil Condition, Variety of Food, Crew Service, Price, and the Nutritional Value of Food Service at the School Canteen. (Yumul, 2018)

Majority of the citizen are concerned with food taken daily with no regard for practices or habits, which may control good health. It is a common study that after food is offered to a person his attention is focused on the creative appearance and how the food appeals to the flavor, rather than on the nutritional content. This reality calls for the need to people recognize the cause – and – effect relationship between eating and health. One’s drive for food and the way he is fulfilled, important food is required by man not on for energy. Work and play but also for maintaining body function such as breathing. No single kind of food is able of providing all the nutritional desires of person. It is important that daily diet contains the right amount of all food planned in daily guide to good nutrition (Velasquez, 2004)

School canteen must plays four – fold role in the educational program school. First, it helps fight malnutrition. Second, it is a heart for education health. Third, it helps in the career and social and training of students, and lastly it presents a prospect of correlating education knowledge which is centered of foods. The food needs of youth in general are greater than those of kids and adults. Their food requirements are used for augmentation and development and improved movements. As adolescent, they have the autonomy to choose what they akin to eat, nevertheless, they must guide on their choices (Cruz, 2003).

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