Save Environment: Important Conversation About Global Warming

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The case study talks about Global warming and why we need to save the planet but we read that there were various reactions to the topic. Global warming has gotten so many feedbacks from people, while most see it as damage to the Planet and if really understand global warming we would notice that if we keep damaging the environment, air and all the planet will not suit us any longer that is why we need to start protecting the planet, and if we want our way of life to continue, we need to concentrate on environmental sustainability. This case study also discusses the reasons why we need to save the environment.

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The article discusses the approach we could use to promote nature to a legal person status and how several governments have decided to implement the law in other to save the environment an example of such law is when Ecuador made nature as a legal person 'In 2008, Ecuador became the first country in the world to declare in its constitution that nature is a legal person'(Shelton, 2015) and we can notice that other governments followed after Ecuador to implement the same law. Looking at the standpoint of nature be a legal person has made it kind of possible for people to start looking out for the environment, an instance to this would be the trees trying to sue companies but we know the trees can't do that so it allows others to take action on the behalf of the trees, this is the standpoint of nature been a legal person.

Combining the case study to the article written we could notice they both spoke about the same thing which is to save the environment, nature. The case study made us know how the environment is useful to us and even when we think it's not useful we should think about the value it adds in the following way it listed, the article goes farther and tells us the steps governments have taken to save the planet and how everyone needs to be involved in helping to save the planet.

We notice that countries such as Ecuador and Bolivia were the first to grant nature as a legal person and this has enabled people to represent themselves on behalf of nature more effectively and it also helped the government to be able to take action against violations of nature's rights. Other countries followed the examples of Ecuador but Zurich went steps further to also take on legal cases which involved animals and they adopted this 'Zurich adopted a statute providing that, in every case involving animal cruelty, the animals must be represented by an attorney'(Shelton, 2015) and this enabled them to be able to treat animals like humans which also was discussed about in the case study 'The environment should be protected to serve animal welfare because there’s an independent value in the existence and lives of animals'(Brusseau, 2012). This law put in place for the animals allows them to be protected and be represented by a lawyer in cruelty cases against the animals. The governments have set up public trusts to enable them to keep environmental resources available for generations to come.

Going through another link on yahoo answers for global warming I was surprised to see that some people are still not bothered about global warming, while some feel it does not exist. In my opinion, Global warming is real and should be taken seriously.

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