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Save Fuel for Better Environment

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Nobody’s going to blame you for destroying the planet except your children. In the 21st century we still use fuel for getting energy in everything we do whether it is to cook food or driving cars. Now, people would say that we don’t have an option but people forget that there is always a way. So today I am going to tell you how you do have a way, why we should take that way and why aren’t people using it already. You want to know why we shouldn’t be using all those fossil fuels. So, here’s the reason: Burning fuel is like burning the earth on a hot stove. Greenhouse effect is taking place and the earth is getting heated up and burning from inside.

The Ozone layer is depleting due to this green house effect causing Ultraviolet rays to harm us. Also fuels contain lead compounds in them and when these fuels burn they leave this toxic compound and mix it with the air we breathe. These lead compounds cause cancer and harm children’s brain. So, I want to say to all those people who use this fuel; Look if you want to die then take personal poison in spite of destroying the whole earth’s atmosphere. You want to stop Climate change? Well then stop funding it by burning fuels. We all should have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation because there is no planet B. We all know that the oil which burns never returns but still we take no care of it and waste the resources which our ancestors once saved for us. If we don’t save the fuel now then it would be too late for doing it later on. Coal and petroleum are non renewable resources which mean that the more we use them their presence on this planet depletes the more. Countries are getting oil imported more and more and the presence is depleting. Though industrialization, machinery and faster modes of transport has become a way of life and symbols of prosperity for us they use a whole lot of oil and gas every day. And that oil and gas are being replaced at a thousandth rate than they are being consumed and thus practically speaking they are reducing. But the thing is there are oils that can be generated at a faster rate and these oils are available to us in the form of some plants. The plant being an algae. 60% of the world’s plants are in fact algae and this algae produces a type of oil when it is crushed. The growing rate of algae is huge in fact if we sustain our whole fuel consumption on the algae it would still be produced at a faster rate than we would be consuming it. The reason being the rate of formation of algae is catalyzed by the by-products of the fuel production that means that the more we use that particular oil released by the algae, the more the algae will grow. Although this may imbalance the natural cycle but we can artificially grow the algae in black containers which would limit their growth and thus we can get the best way of fuel production in the near future. For long term the only two things which can sustain the growing need of fuels for humans are burning rocks or water. We need both water and electricity as it is one of the better ways to produce energy in the extended future. The other way is to use Thorium and uranium deposits.

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Although they have a problem of cleaning as the waste they release is radio-active but still if handed properly, thorium’s waste can also be used for making generators. Production of energy is in fact doubled. Most of the electricity we are producing at the moment is coming from thermal plants which have an efficiency cap by thermodynamics. On the other hand if we use fuel cells, they have no theoretical limitation which means that they can have an efficiency of 100%. At the moment the practical efficiency of thermal plants is 30-45% whereas the efficiency of fuel cells is 85-90% thus, if we shift our energy production to fuel cells it would greatly enhancing the capability of energy generation. At last, I would like to conclude that by using fossil fuels we are creating fossils out of earth.


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