Save Yourself: the Truth Behind the United States Food Industry

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The United States food industry is the cause of death for millions of people each year. Although many individuals point blame at their poor genetics or increased amount of stress in their lives for the cause of one’s illnesses, the American diet rich in fatty, animal products and lethal chemicals is ultimately the culprit for the declining health of individuals all across the country. With a greater need for larger food production, food corporations ultimately must add harmful additives to increase food production at lower costs. However, by making changes to one’s diet lifestyle today individuals will be able to improve their overall health for years to come.

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In today’s modern age, the United States food industry adds dozens of harmful chemicals into processed foods individuals eat each day. From harmful dyes to disgusting growth hormones, one can no longer be surprised at the rise of diseases within the last hundred years (Roberts). Although additives have lasting effects on one’s body, no other chemicals are as scary as Genetically Modified Organism foods. Many are aware that foods produced through GMO methods help aid in the mass production of food throughout the nation and attempt to help incorporate various minerals into produce to benefit one’s health (MacEachern). However, many are not aware of the various side effects GMO foods have including organ issues, infertility, and various immune disorders (MacEachern). To me, these facts are unsettling.

How can a country known for the protection of its citizens consciously allow harmful chemicals to be spread into our foods? Additionally, the United States food industry today constantly pushes for individuals to purchase large quantities of products from the meat and dairy businesses, yet these processed foods can cause cancer and increase one’s chance of contracting colon related cancers by nearly twenty percent (Krantz). If the threat of cancer was not enough of reason for concern, know that eating processed meat alone causes millions of individuals each year to contract horrifying food borne illnesses from E. Coli and Salmonella outbreaks (Krantz). These illnesses can be potentially life threatening, so why do individuals continue to give money to an industry that only causes more problems to one’s health and well-being? The truth is, consumers need to decide for themselves what steps they need to make to live a healthier lifestyle. In order to guide individuals onto the right track for living and eating well, I have provided easy guidelines and information about two of the country’s best diets: Veganism and a Mediterranean diet.

Veganism has grown in popularity over the last decade with its rise in popularity on social media sites and within popular blogs, so why not join the trend? This diet focuses on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet rich in high fiber sources including fruits, grains, and vegetables. However, if these foods do not particularly interest a consumer’s tastes, the health benefits will ultimately change an individual’s mind. By following a vegan diet alone, an individual will experience nearly a half reduction in one’s chance of dying from heart disease and a nearly twenty percent decrease in dying from cancer (Petre). Additionally, following a plant-based diet has also been linked to the decrease in autoimmune disorder symptoms as well (Petre). A few years ago, a close friend of mine that suffers from chronic illnesses began following a vegan diet when her medical doctors explained that a strict vegan diet could decrease her disease’s symptoms. What was the result? Today, she lives a much happier life with fewer pains and decreased inflammation thanks to the benefits of a plant-based diet. Make the change today and you too will feel the amazing effects a vegan diet has to offer.

To anyone who believes that a vegan diet will not suit your food demands, do not be discouraged because a Mediterranean Diet can be the perfect match for you. This lifestyle change also consists of a high fiber diet, including lots of fruits and vegetables, however individuals are still able to enjoy certain fats from fish and dairy products. This diet allows individuals to find flexibility within their lifestyle, while cutting away the majority of processed foods from their diets. The results of this lifestyle are astounding. Individuals experience a nearly one-hundred percent decrease in the contraction of Type 2 diabetes and a dramatic drop in one’s risk of heart disease, so where could you go wrong? (Babcock) In order to live without illnesses in the future individuals must make their health their top priority.

The food industry promotes individuals all across the country to consume harmful ingredients every day. Without making changes to one’s diet today, an individual can unknowingly take away years from their life due to a lack of information by the food industry about the effects of harmful chemicals and confusion regarding how to live healthier life. However, by adapting to a vegan or a Mediterranean diet individuals can thrive for years to come without fear of deadly diseases. So, what is stopping you from making a change? Everyone has the ability to create a better life for themselves if simple steps are made in preparation for a better tomorrow.

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