Saving Private Ryan: Recollection of the War-Time Events

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On a Saturday evening of October 2019. I’ve gone to an outdoor movie at Miller park in Chattanooga, TN. This was quite an experience because I’ve never been to one in the past. Hence, I was super excited also because of the free admission. The event was hosted by Avondale 100th celebration. The school of Avondale boasts to provide affordable Christian education to the urban community of Chattanooga that will promote the holistic development of each student as a Christian leader in order to prepare them for eternity. There were so many people in Chattanooga that pouring down to the park to enjoy such a event. They were out having such a good time, some were throwing Frisbees, other playing cards as well as chatting and laughing. They were bringing their dogs, families, some were on the hammock or on the ground. They even bring planets and pillows. So, as everyone was gathering up and settling down on the grass the movie Saving Private Ryan began to show.

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I realized that when people were out participating in this type of event it’s a great opportunity to connect and understand each other. It’s an escape from work where all of us busy making a living or from the mobile phone technology where so many younger people isolating themselves from others. People often seem to forget to socialize in a community. The film was a set during the Allied invasion of Normandy during the end of second World War. It was a bout a squad of rangers that got sent on a dangerous mission to rescue a soldier named Ryan behind the enemy lines. Let’s talk a bit about the background of D-Day and the historical inspiration behind the film. 

On June 5th 1944 when much of European region was under the Nazi’s ruling and damaged by many conflicts and fights but the cogs in German war machine were beginning to crack. The east of the invasion of Russia were met with disaster and the German armies on the complete retreat for the Soviets chasing them. The allies have forced out the Germans and Italians out of North Africa and have defeated them as Sicily. Soon the Allies had to face such tough terrain favoring the Nazi, the Allies must capture the mainland standing in their way was the Atlantic Wall, a series of fortified concrete bunkers with artillery machine gun and manpower covering nearly 2100 miles along the coastline from Norway to Spain. Five beaches were chosen during the attack, the American would take ones codenamed Utah and Omaha while and Canadian and British named Gold, Juno and Sword. The hours leading up to the attack on the beaches a massive airborne dropper take place paratroopers objective were to delay any German counter attack before beachhead was established and so after months of planning and numerous deadlines changed due to bad weather the date was finally set for the 6th of June 1944 and the liberation of Europe would begin. 

Omaha was the main scene that took place during the film, but it was little details that truly spoke volumes about saving private Ryan. So many soldiers were vomiting on the watercraft prior landing. As they were approaching the beaches and the ramps were to lower a massive storm of machine gun under bunker were firing at them. With little to cover these soldiers had no choice but to jump over the side into the ft of water to escape the hail of machine gun. 

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