Saving Private Ryan Summary and Plot of the Film


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Through the Saving Private Ryan summary and plot analysis, they were on Omaha Beach during D-Day invasion. The film director does a good job on portraying the actual event on D-Day. He shows the horrors of war and the actions taken during war. The inspiration of the movie came from the Niland family, four brothers who serve in the second world war. The story is based on Fritz Niland, the sole survivor, after all three of his brothers were killed in action.

The Niland family had four sons who went to served in the second World War, Fritz, Bob, Preston, and Edward Niland from New York. They were spread out in different units during the war. Roughly a month before D-Day Edward Niland was captured by Japanese soldiers because he missed his mark when he parachuted down into the jungles of Burma. Bob Niland was killed on D-Day during the invasion of Normandy on the beaches. The day after D-Day, Preston Niland suffered from injuries during the invasion of the Utah beach and later died from his wounds. When the War Department heard of this, they set out a search mission for Fritz Niland, the sole survivor of the four brothers. It was Father Francis Sampson, chaplain of the 501st regiment who was to find Fritz Niland and help him back home. But before finding Fritz Niland, Fritz had gone to the location of where Bob Niland’s unit was stationed in hopes of meeting his brother Bob Niland, only to find out that he was killed in action. After finding out that his brother was killed, Father Francis Sampson found Fritz, and told him the devastating news of the passing of his other two brothers. Then he was told he was going to be sent home, and he was going to served as a Military Police for his remaining services in the second World War. In 1945 the Niland Family received good news that Edward Niland, who was presumed dead, was found in the Japanese POW camp located in Burma, after the camp was liberated. happy to be alive and found, he was also sent home and spent the rest of his days with his family in New York.

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In the film, while the war is going on, it shows us a part, where the women are typing up letters to notify the family of the passing heroes. While writing up the letters, a lady notices that a mother was going to get three letters all on the same day. One died on the soil of New Guinea, and the second at the opening of the first scene in the film, the battle on the Omaha beach. The third brother died at the Utah beach. It isn’t until they realized that there is another brother of the three that’s passed, Private Ryan. They decided that it was better to send him home to his mother and let him know of the passing of his brothers. Captain Miller then receives orders to go on a recuse mission for Private Ryan. Him and his men goes behind enemy lines to look for Private Ryan. They stumble upon a Private Ryan, only to be told that they have the wrong Private Ryan, which leads them to set out again in search for him. While searching for Private Ryan they frequently get into battles with the Germans and during some battles, they would lose a man. Eventually in the end, they found Private Ryan and told him the horrible news and told him he was going to be sent home, but he didn’t think he should be sent home, when there was still a battle going on. So, they stayed behind and waited of the reinforcements that were supposed to be there to help them shortly, but before their reinforcements could get there, the Germans attack. During the attack, Captain Miller and his men loses their lives and only Private Ryan and Timothy E. Upham, the translator for Captain Miller and his team make is back home. In the end of the movie, you can see Private standing in front of Captain Millers grave and remembering the horrific events that took place in the war.

The film Saving Private Ryan did a great job at portraying the horrific events that happened in World War II. The inspiration of the film came from the Niland family. What sparked the separation of the Niland brothers came from the Sullivan brothers, who all died in the cruiser that they were serving on because it was hit by a Japanese torpedo. Thus, no brothers should ever be allowed to serve in the same unit and must be separated during the World Wars, so that there is a sole survivor.  

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