Saving Private Ryan: the Insight into the Life of War

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The plot of the movie Saving Private Ryan is soldiers are assigned to find Pvt. Ryan and bring him home. The Army Chief of search and rescue has ordered them on the mission for search and rescue, Ryan’s return will boost morale on the home front and put a human face on the carnage at Omaha Beach. My favorite scene is when the squadron happens upon a German machine gun nest protecting a radar installation. Because would be possible to go around it and avoid a confrontation. But they are scared to attack but with their guts and determination they decide to attack the emplacement and make their knowledge of where Private Ryan is and also they are doing what they came to France to do, instead of what the sergeant wants them to do. The scenes that could have been better where captain miller takes his group of soldiers go behind the enemy line to retrieve a paratrooper whose brother has been killed in action, the scene could have been better if miller did not have to tell what he did as a civilian but how can a school teacher become a squad leader.

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The characters are in the top of the paper but the top paid was Tom hanks, I believe the actors were believable and acted the way they should because they were adventurous and scared because they were fighting a war and looking for their best friend. The Actor that did the best job was Matt Damon because he is one of those actors who makes you feel like your fighting the war and maybe he only has 59 mins of screen time but he makes you feel like he was on the screen for hours. But his job of acting was good because he could not be too sad since he had already lost 3 of his beloved family members. The actor that could of done a better Job was Jeremy Davies, he should of kept the German solider instead of letting him go since the Germans were dropping bombs and firing at them with M3 submachine gun.

If there is one specific genre I don’t watch that much, it’s the war genre. Normally, it’s not my type of movie, but when it comes to one of the best, if not the best war film, it has to be Saving Private Ryan. This is my first viewing of the film and I am very impressed. It’s not just your typical war film, it has a personal story that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Saving private Ryan is told through flashbacks during World War II and starts with the devastating D-Day invasion in 1944. In my view some scenes could been better if the camera man could not move the camera as much as he did making some of fight scenes a little dull to watch. I would recommend this movie to people who like war movies and movies where it’s start out really sad but turns out good plus it shows how far your friends would go to save you even during war or any hard moment in life. I’m glad that you assigned this project so I can watch a new genre of movies since I watch comedy a lot.                                  

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