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In this second world war, nobody expected that the United State would get involved in this deadly war. In this first world war, it was known to be the bloodiest war in history. After the first world war, all nation came together and made a peace treaty. This was called the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty was to blame Germany for the cause of the first war. This treaty had limit their military equips, troops and had taken some of their land. After a few year, Hitler came into power and decided to take nearby countries. Hitler is known to not be trusted due to the fact that he broken many treaties and promises. The United Stated knew of this but did not want to get involved because its nation was still suffering from the last world war. When the president of the United State saw what this war had became he had a lend lease contract with Britain. This is to lend military equipment, and money to help them fight this war. The United State did not get into this war until Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. In this movie, Saving Private Ryan took place in Normandy, France. This happened on June 6, 1944. This day was called D-Day also known as Operation Overlord. The Allies planned to land on Omaha beach and secure the area before other troops came in with military equipment. The Allies had been planning for this invasion for about a year now. Their plan was to invade France and take control of the country.

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In the beginning of the film, showed American troops on a ship preparing to land on Omaha beach. When looking at the troops’ expression, you can feel every soldier’s raw expression of how scared they were. Nobody was prepared to go into another war, since the last one still had an impact on every nation. Most of the military did not have any combat skills but was lightly trained for this war. When the boats landed on the beach, the troops had a hard time getting off the water. There was a German defense line up on the beach shooting at the Allies. The way that the film was directed, gave the audience a chance to put themselves in the soldier’s shoes. When this film first came out, it gave veterans that was watching this movie PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem that some people develop after going through a serious life threatening event. “Saving Private Ryan became the visual text to world war two veterans. In the movie, when Captain Miller hand starts to shake it’s a sign of stress of seeing too many men died in battles.

After securing the beach, Captain Miller played by Tom hanks was given an order to find private Ryan and send him home. Captain Miller and his eight team member went through many obstacles to find where private Ryan was located in this battle of Normandy. This order was given because Ryan’s brothers that was in this war all passed away in combat. The military did not want the mother of those kids to suffer, so they decided to send out a special order to get James Ryan home. The first obstacle the team went to was Neuville, France. One scene showed that being reckless can get you killed and that was how one of the team member passed away. On a battlefield, you can not be reckless because not only it endangers yourself but also everyone around you. As a team, you can see the friendship these soldiers build while they are on this mission.

During Operation Overlord, many troops landed in France either by boats or by paratrooper. When Paratrooper were dropped in France, they were all scattered and had to fend for themselves until they find the others. In the film, you can see a few paratroopers with other soldiers fighting in this war. Finding private Ryan actually took longer than what they actually thought it would. When Captain Miller team got to a small campsite, they notice how much soldier were here and a few Prisoner of War (POWs). Prisoner of War are prisoner that had surrender and is in the Allies control. When the team search through a bag full of troops dog tag, nearby was other troopers walking by with fear of how much soldiers had passed away.

After searching for private Ryan also known as James Francis Ryan, they finally ended up in Ramelle, France. Going to Ramelle will lead the troop to a battle between the Germans and the Americans. This historical event will be the battle of Carentan. A small group of American troops will fight off the Germans until back up comes. Equipment that the Germans had were MG-42 a machine gun, Tiger tanks, Panzer tanks, Infantry, and etc. The Germans are known to fight in foreign forest because they are able to conceal themselves with some bushes. The Germans would put bushes and leaves onto their moving vehicle like the tanks. In the film, it showed Captain Miller’s troops and private Ryan’s troops trying to defeat the Germans before crossing the bridge. The Americans troop is small that they did not have enough supplies to last them for this battle. In the movie, it showed more than half of Captain Miller’s troop getting killed. As some of the member were getting killed, one of the American soldier did not do anything to stop his troops from getting killed. No matter how scared you are, you have a mission to complete. Do not just sit around because going war means you signed up for it. As the battle continued a miracle happened. Americans and British troops comes in to the battle and starts to saved the rest of the troops including James Ryan. Even though the Captain did not survive, he had completed his mission and died as an honor soldier.

At the end, every soldier that had fought this war will always be remember and honor for what they did. This film brought raw emotion and many things for every American to know and experience what it was like in the second world war. This world war had brought a great impact on the military as technology improves.

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