Analysis of Radiotherapy Departament and Its Pros and Cons

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The following essay will be concentrating on the scenario, based on care provided in the radiotherapy department. It will evaluate the poor care provided by radiographers and student present in the department. It is very important to evaluate as patient satisfaction comes from their evaluation of experiences by using hospital services. Therefore it is very crucial for Healthcare Professional Councils to place essential code and conduct of proficient behavior and communication skills.

The rules and regulations set by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) states that both registered radiographers and students should communicate appropriately and effectively. In the scenario given, Ethan shouts at Alison, across the room, that he needs to go out. He is shouting while he’s treating a patient shows that he is not acting professionally and taking care of his duty to take care of the patient, however, more indulged in his personal commitments. He did not really care, if Gwen, the patient could hear him. If she were to hear him, she would have felt as if she is not been taken care of and been rushed through her appointment. Ethan, shouting across the rooms shows lack of professionalism and not following the code and conduct set by HCPC. If he would have reported by the patient or other radiographer he could have get strike off from the society of radiographers.

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In another instance in scenario, Ethan had left Penny in the department alone, whilst Penny is on her observational placement. This is unprofessional as she is only a first-year student with limited clinical knowledge. However, Ethan should have not left Penny unsupervised at any time due to as as the patient might feel like she has not been given the best treatment. This could damage the hospital reputation in the eyes of patient. This is not in line with expected behaviors as supervisors are extensively trained to ensure they know students should not be left unsupervised. It demonstrates that Ethan was breaching the HCPC guidelines, Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics (Health and Care Professional Council, 2016). However, Alison also showed signs of unprofessional behavior around patients.

Further into the scenario, Alison shouts to herself being angry on Ethan on the fact how he left Penny alone. This shows that Ethan’s behavior like this is not first time and it has happened in the past. As stated in a ‘Patient Safety and Quality handbook’, ‘the major concern about disruptive behaviors is frequent occurrences and the negative impact they can have on patient care.’ It puts patient on risk that Alison failed to report it, as he has not receive any disciplinary action for his behavior. Moreover, other patients waiting could have heard what she said. The SoR states that “you must behave with integrity and make sure that your behavior does not damage the public’s confidence in you or your profession.” This may have given bad impression and lack of professionalism that the staff in the department are impatient or aggressive, which could make patients feel uncomfortable about being treated there.

Further into the scenario, there was seen lack of empowerment when the patient forgets the name of her radiographer. This can be seen when Penny approaches this by calling the patient rude, therefore, undermining the patient. She is behaving like this as she is seeing her other radiographers behaving disrespectfully. She judges the patient without knowing she has Dementia. In future, it could damage the patient’s confidence to speak freely about her concerns as she may have felt mocked when penny called her rude. This is important as the patient may not feel comfortable voicing future concerns and lose faith in the care providers. Thus, having a good bond with the patient is the mean of formal and effective communication which is crucial in providing the best care. This also shows that Penny did not read any patient’s notes, as if she would have been aware of the patient’s dementia and the situation could be prevented. Professionals are expected to have knowledge on all patients before treating them. They are also expected to be formal whilst still being able to build a close relationship with all patients. Not only this, but all healthcare providers should encourage patients to speak freely without criticizing them.

In addition, the procedure information for Gwen is written on a post-it note by Alison, which is stuck onto Ethan’s magazine. She placed it on the magazine as she was angry on him, as he did not complete his assigned task. According to the Standards of Proficiency handbook it states that both radiographers and students must ‘be able to maintain records appropriately’, and the HCPC’s Standards of Performance, Conduct and Ethics sates they ‘must complete all records promptly and as soon as possible after providing care, treatment or other services.’ This ensures that records are kept safe and up to date keeping confidentiality safe. In this incident, no one knows if Ethan will remember to the magazine, as he was reading it while having breakfast. It means that Ethan would have not kept accurate records of dose received by Gwen, which therefore puts her at risk as the radiation she received was not recorded. Moreover, confidentially could also have been breach if Ethan would have took the magazine home because it contained sensitive information and it could be seen by people who are not supposed to see it, such as his family.

To conclude, there were many instances where unprofessional behaviors came under the light from the radiographers. It demonstrated that radiographers failed to treat the patient with respect, dignity, compassion and also failed to communicate effectively. All of these above are back bone HCPC’s code of conduct however they failed to demonstrate them. Also not only they did not treat the patient in a right way but came in a negative shadow in front of student radiographer.

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