School Lunch Program: Selling Junk Food in Schools

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 As child obesity rates continue to increase, it has become evident that we need to change children’s diet. In order to change their diet, we need to inform them to make healthy food choices and show them that it will benefit their health in the future. By getting ASB involved we can help change ACHS’ diet for the better. There are a few things we can do to spread awareness about the health risks, whether they’re short-term or long-term. Spreading this information to the students of ACHS could also mean the word gets out to students from other schools. From there, a domino effect could take place and we could really help make a difference.

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One of the big problems in our society today is obesity. The rate of obesity has increased tremendously over the past years. According to, obesity affected about 93.3 million US adults in the years 2015 to 2016. That is about 29% of the average population for those two years. If we compare this to just 20 years ago, in 1995, the obesity percentage was only 15.6%. It has almost doubled, and that is just in adults. Child obesity was following a similar pattern but now has started to increase. Many parents are turning to schools to help with this issue, demanding the school serve healthier school lunches. However, this can only go so far, we can provide the healthier foods at school but that won’t mean the students will take the opportunity, or just continue to eat “junk food” once they get home. Childhood obesity will affect a child throughout their life. In their early years, they can have joint problems, high blood pressure, higher risk of developing diabetes, breathing problems, and more. Overall, just missing out on being able to do things many of their friends will be doing. Later in life they could suffer more serious consequences like heart disease, cancer, a stroke, and much more. This is a reminder that we need to help children early on in making sure that they can have a long, happy life.

Around 2012 more people realized it was time for change. Things could not stay the same if we wanted obesity rates of children to go down. For instance, one of the main problems was basic nutritional values and needs. In the article “No Lunch Left Behind”, “…programs contains some of the same ingredients found in fast food, and the resulting meals routinely fail to meet basic nutritional standards” (Waters and Heron 1). So at least schools have made the effort to improve the quality of the lunches they are providing to the students, but that is not enough. What needs to change is the students attitudes towards a healthier lifestyle. This is why it is important to inform students that their choices will affect their future, and they can choose whether it’s positively or negatively.

There are many ways we’d be able to get the word out about healthy eating, which leads to a healthier life. Although, at ACHS specifically, we are on a decently-sized campus. If we work with ASB and explain to them how important the issue is. We could get posters about healthy eating and the benefits it has on your health. Along with this, a Cam High Connect could promote healthy eating and maybe even give tips on how to live a healthy life. Even though that isn’t a guarantee students will change their habits, it will draw more people that want to help this cause at a greater level than just the school ASB.

In conclusion, if we want to change the school lunch program, and ultimately help the childhood obesity rates decrease, we should inform students on how their food choices can be affecting their life, both negatively and positively. It is important to educate students on this topic because, at this age, most of us aren’t really thinking about how our food choices may be affecting us. If we are taught about the effects, how we can change our habits, and the importance of it all, it will have a positive impact on improving the American diet, especially students younger than us. If we change their diets and habits earlier in their life, they are more likely to be able to stay in a healthy habit. Also, their risk of developing diseases will be decreased and the obesity rates will go down. Even though it is better to start at a younger age, helping students have a better, healthier life now will be important for them. It’s better to start sometime than to never start at all, and when it comes to your health, making the healthy decision will help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life. 

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