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School Uniform: Pros and Cons

School uniforms are a hot topic and it is quite discussed nowadays. Why wouldn’t it be? Some parents argue that it limits their children’s right of self-expression, as they are teenagers and need to be free to explore and know better themselves. While some others think they are needed, as studies have shown that it decreases bullying, or simply because they don’t have the necessary incomes to dress their kid like a rich classmate.

School Uniforms as a Way to Express

The school uniforms break social class barriers, as a kid is confident now when walking into classroom door, without being afraid of being off because of his dress style. This gives bullies less chances to focus on him, as everyone looks equal now. Also, if a kid couldn’t afford expensive clothes, he will be categorized in the poor group and be kicked out from most of his classmates. This would lead to depression, anxiety, poor performance in school ,etc. So uniforms more or less bring everyone in the same level and acceptance.

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As for the self-expression part, a student has many other ways to show his/her style like: hair models, accessories (bracelets, earrings, etc), shoes, makeup. Uniforms also increase the safety of students. How is it possible you may think? Well, it makes it easier for teachers to keep an eye on students while on trips. It also makes it easier to spot outsiders who enter the school without permission. Uniforms decrease the chance of being assaulted, let’s say certain clothing logo or items may offend someone.

And Finally

If an unsuspecting student wears gang clothes, he may be attacked by a rival gang. Whereas students who wear expensive and fashionable clothes might be robbed. Uniforms give the students (and the school) a more serious look and recognition. It would discourage students to behave unethically, as they are easily labeled from the uniform.


Uniform would give students the feeling of a community. This benefits the most those students who may have a troubled state with their family, as they can find support and relief in the community. Students behave better and respect each other, teacher, the community and have a more positive attitude, different from the ones without uniform regulations.Uniforms contribute to a better and more enjoyable student life, boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. Despite some little setbacks uniforms are accepted widely from school and families, as they both have benefits and achieve the one thing they have in perspective: students well-being and education.



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