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School Uniform Essay

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On our school campus, dress code violations a main conflict in the international school of Sotogrande. In fact students and members of the community are confused if there is a dress code at all, and if so, why it is not obligated. When you notified us in the assembly that you were seriously acknowledging a mandatory school uniform because of the blatant violations of the dress code, there were complaints and dissatisfaction. Despite the protests, however, I recommend you to start a compulsory uniform policy in school for various reasons.

First, clothing trends tend to cause abstraction and distractions in the classroom. One teacher stated that in her thirty years of teaching he had seen fashion trends revolve many times. from long skirts to minis and back to no hats to basketball caps turned backwards. Despite the trends, there has remained one fixed idea. Whenever students enter with the latest fashion trend, other students congregate to them, taunting or endorsing, or expressing a wish to have the same fad. Just when everyone has grown conventionally to it and reactions have dropped, fashions change and distractions are off and running once again. As a result of the granting dress codes, teachers have had to face these distractive behaviours, which interfere with learning, which is the mian achievement and focus in a school. Besides taking time away from educational purposes, these distractive clothing trends, which are in contravention of the school dress codes, send a message to students. It’s all right to break school rules, as long as you can get away with it. Therefore campus supervisors and teachers become police, and students, rather than learning responsible behaviour, learn to play cat and mouse doing whatever they want, with little if not no consequences at all.

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If uniforms were established, this problem would not exist and the money that we spend serving this problem could be averted to more valuable areas. Moreover, wouldn’t a better message to send students be better because if rules have been broken, there will be appropriate consequences. This message could mean a lot to students, going beyond the clothing and dress code issue. In our society today, when citizens break rules they may suffer severe consequences. Therefore, the school community has to prepare students for this crucial reality. Establishing school uniforms as a result of student violation of the rules would be a step forward into that direction.


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