Problem of Peer Pressure in Schools and Possible Ways for Solution

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Table of Contents

  • Pressing Problems
  • From Negative to Positive
  • Conclusion

Pressing Problems

One of the biggest challenge that the world, my country and my local community faces is the challenge of ‘Quality Education'. I believe that there is a lack of funding for education in my locality, my nation and the whole world which leads to poor people not being able to get access to education. Secondly, there is a lack of supply of trained and quality teachers. There are lot of challenges in the path of overcoming the challenge of ‘Quality Education'. All the problems mentioned are causing mayhem in the world and becoming a major hurdle for our society today.

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From Negative to Positive

These are the issues which I would like to impact or rather fix upon( This para can be negative regarding the education system do something else that can make negative to positive).There is nothing in this whole world which would make me delighted, than knowing my actions have made someone's life to change for the better. I do not aspire to become a world leader. I wish to utilize the most powerful tool I can to create a change that will make a big difference in the future-education. To overcome this challenge at a local platform, I took an initiative in our school that enabled peers to visit Slum areas and Slum school once every month. I also went to some of these areas and understood the problems of the underprivileged children and using S.T.E.M, I helped them to study and had a word with their parents about the Importance of Quality Education and Sustainable Development.Participating in the student exchange program would empower me to initiate this endeavor of mine. AFS would also give me beneficial exposure and would teach me how to cope up with people who come from completely different cultural backgrounds, how to calibrate their interests with mine and how to maintain a friendly and approachable demeanor in general.


This one month program would encourage me to improve my problem solving skills, my attitude of seeing this world and convincing skills. Therefore this experience will surely help me to work on these problems in a new and better way and may provide me with better solutions to overcome these problems. 'One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.'

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