Science: a Boon for the Human Development

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Shyam Adhikari Professor Long July 1, 2018 ENG 102 Science: A Boon for the Human Development Today’s world is full of scientific inventions and innovations that have been impacting, both positively and negatively, to our life. The existence of a world, the respiration and excretion along with many physiological processes, the reproduction of animals and plants, and the production of foods by plants i.e. Photosynthesis (A.K Jha, “Principles of Biology”, vol. 4,2014) process explained and discovered by the Science. While many astonishing innovations of science has made our life much easier, there are certain consequences of the science that has been negatively impacting our daily life. For example, the Global warming, which is caused by the uncareful and uncontrolled use of new scientific technologies that produce Chlorofluoro(CFCs) Carbon gases has been constantly threatening the existence of Earth and natural environment. Similarly, the use of science has indirectly impacted our health condition producing new diseases which most of us are unaware of it. In addition, the use of science in the production of the nuclear weapons has escalated the chance of the very violent and destructive war among the countries.

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However, the effects that humanity has faced due to science is not because of it, rather we can say that it is due to the ineffective use of science in wrong way. Firstly, new innovative science and technology have escalated the production of Carbon gas in the earth, which has raised the global temperature causing the global warming. For example, different modes of transportation, such as four-wheeled vehicles, motorbikes, ships, and airplanes etc. use gasoline fuels to operate and ejects harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide etc. which when comes on atmosphere absorb the sunlight and increase the temperature of Earth, resulting the global warming. And these gases react with water during rain and cause acid rain, which directly hampers the health of living beings. It is no doubt that the modes of transportation have made our life much easier and happier; Flying in the sky, travelling in convertible car and bus and train with A.C. are all possible because of science. At the same time increasing carbon dioxide level is somehow beneficial for us. For instance, carbon dioxide enhances the accumulation of lycopene, [beta]-carotene and ascorbic acid (Zhang Zhiming, “Food Chemistry”, 2014).

Its enrichment improves flavor with an increase in soluble sugar, titratable acid, sugar/acid, and soluble solids. Its enrichment gives better color and increased consumer preference. Its enrichment improves the organoleptic characteristics of tomato fruits. Hence, global warming is caused due to uncareful use of technology; there are many ways we can prevent the global warming while continuing our scientific innovation. For example, we can use science to innovate transportation vehicles that do not produce Carbon gas; use of the electric vehicles, vehicles that do not require fuel to operate, could solve global warming problem, letting us enjoy the innovations of science without any harmful effects. In addition, people know that science has explained us to get expose on sunlight and exposure to sunlight causes many skin related problems such as scars, age spots, increases ageing, increase production of melanin, hyperpigmentation and many skin related cancers too. On contrary, exposure to sunlight helps us to get Vitamin D. The conditions such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, psoriasis, rickets, seasonal affective disorder, tooth decay, tuberculosis and cancer( Gepner Adam D. “PLoS ONE”, 2012), all these health problems can be somewhat solved through the exposure to sunlight which is totally based on science. Nowadays a technology has been discovered for providing sunlight through clothing garments such as Pants, Jackets, etc.(“Obesity Fitness and Wellness Week”, 2018) so that, we can indirectly get sunlight that is absorbed by those garments and helps us to maintain our metabolism rate and helps us to get rid of those skin related diseases. Furthermore, the advancement of science has led to the discovery of different weapons like chemicals weapons, guns, bombs, etc. These weapons had taken the life of many people. Let’s illustrate, arsenic gas was used in Peloponnesian wars, which was the first use of chemical weapon in Belgium in 1915.

Chlorine gas released on Allied soldiers again after that Phosgene was used. Also, in 1917 Germans used the mustard gas into battle (Litman Leah, “Harvard International Review”, 2005). Moreover, United States had used “Agent Orange” as a chemical weapon in Vietnam War. These chemical weapons took many soldiers’ lives. As well as, the Hydrogen bomb and Atom bomb that was released in Japan had killed the many people during World War II. On contrary, the discoveries of gun and weapons have saved the lives of people too. The release of Atom Bomb and Hydrogen Bomb in World war II has stopped the war, otherwise, no one can predict when the war would stop and shall kill more and more people than before. The recent news of India, the girl was walking on the street and four guys approached her and tried to rape her but for personal safety, she triggered the gun and saved her life (“News 24”, 2018). Hence, the use of weapons like guns if used in an effective way can save the life of people too. In conclusion, although there are some negative impacts of science, such as the Global Warming, new diseases, and production of uncontrolled nuclear weapons, there are thousands of astonishing innovations that have to ease our daily life. There are many alternative ways that we can control or completely end these negative impacts of science. For example, electric and alternative energy sources could be used as an operative transportation system that does not produce harmful Carbon gas. Again, we can use clothing garments to protect us from different health-related problems. Similarly, we can end the nuclear weapons problem by destroying the produced weapons and banning the further production of it, and it can be simply done by making an agreement among all countries.

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