Science Fair Project: Fish and Pollution


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The UN goal for this science fair project is goal number 14 which life below water. The point forms are basically ways to conserve the sea, and explain how the negative impact of human activities on the sea are harmful and disruptive to the marine life. It will be researched more deeply into this topic to get a better idea of this. Some ways to conserve the sea and some ideas are to know where littering happens as they can end up on the sea which is harmful for the marine life and could kill them. Another thing that is going to be mentioned is how polluted water can affect humans and the marine life. When the water gets polluted, lots of different chemicals get in the water which can include lead, mercury, protozoa and a lot more chemicals which are harmful for humans and fishes. All fishes would get affected but especially small fishes can die from the chemical and the food chains would be disturbed. It would be disturbed as all the fishes that ate the small fishes wouldn’t have other food to eat and would die from starvation. So either way, if the water gets polluted, all the fishes would die or die from starvation which is why we need to keep the water clean. In addition, humans consume fish for protein. 

So if a fish was caught but that fish contained a harmful chemical from the sea because it consumed it, people eating that fish wouldn’t know that and serve that fish to themselves thinking that the fish wouldn’t cause any harm. So when that fish is consumed, the disease that was in the fish could have gone into the human’s body and cause harm such as food poisoning and etc . Thirdly, this topic is going to be include on how overfishing would affect the underwater world. Overfishing happens when there are more fishes caught than the amount of population that the fishes can produce. This would be harmful for the ecosystem as less and less fishes would be in the marine life and humans rely on fish for protein. If this keeps on happening, some kind of fish would go extinct. That’s why there is a need to know where we are getting food from and try not to eat the food that comes from the marine life. Last but not least, this science fair include on how fishes/plants breathe in water and how that impacts water quality of the marine life. Fishes suck in water through their mouth and force it out through their gill. If the water is polluted, they wouldn’t be able to breathe properly as chemicals are going into their body. This can cause death in several ways. These are the reasons why the sea needs to stay clean both for humans and the marine life.

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