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Science Instruction For Students With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders

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This article review examined classroom science instruction for students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). This was obtained by analyzing the intervention that can be made to reduce impact on students with EBD achievement. Findings were analyzed by students characteristics, intervention type, dependant measures utilized, and study variables. Students with emotional and behavioral disorder (EBD) are categorized in two; non academic and academic behaviors (Lane, Wehby, & Barton Arwood, 2005). Students with EBD make less academic progress, have lower grades and have more disciplinary problems than any other disability (Bradley, Henderson & Monfore, 2004).

The research has improved that academic behavior leads to non academic behavior improvements which are ES calculations, literature search, and traditional instruction. Main instructional or traditional instruction method in teaching for EBD can be problematic to them because they have limited content knowledge, difficulty connecting prior knowledge to new information, and poor academic motivation (Scruggs and Mastropieri, 2000a). They focused on reading books and writing notes which is harder for students with EBD.

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Inquiry treatment was include hands-on instructional activities and teacher directed experiments was conducted by student compared to traditional instruction meanwhile traditional instruction for example textbook based with lecture ( Mastropieri, 1998). Classroom based interventions were defined as core instruction that enhanced student knowledge of science towards improving reading skills based on literature search. All studies from three previous literature reviews on science education and students with disabilities were initially collected (Mastropieri & Scruggs, 1992, 1998; Scruggs & Mastropieri, 1995). These search methods produced 34 articles that have met initial criteria. ES calculations is categorized in two technique group studies and single-subject studies. Standardized for group studies is for calculated in difference between treatment and control group. It is means calculated in one of four ways such as standard deviations, using t-values,f-values and using the mean square errors.

Traditionally, science instruction in general education classroom used textbooks or lectures as main instructional method. Unfortunately, this instruction are problematic for students who have emotional and behavioral disorder because the term is not clearly defined and the instructional components varied (Klahr & Li, 2005). Based on method of literature search, the subject in classroom is defined as core and resulted not geared solely towards improving reading skills and not have suitable for students or subjects with EBD.

Another method that is ES calculation which include two sub – method; group subject and single – subject studies. Group subject resulted as an error as it is too heavy for students with EBD. Finally, the majority of studies included in the review examine the effects of interventions on small populations of students as primary intervention. It is important for teachers to implement these practices within their own classrooms. The result suggest that mnemonic instruction is highly effective at increasing students’ with EBD knowledge and retention. Classroom based instruction has potential to increase student with EBD achievement of science content and process knowledge. This review verify finding and to determine what instructional components needed to science approach for students with EBD to be successful in both behaviorally and academically.


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