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The definition of how life began has always baffled the entire populace. In fact, this is one question that no philosopher has been able to answer and they have always turned from the question. Even most philosophers too are not able to attempt this question because to answer a vital question such as this, one must identify the way life works and how to manipulate it to his advantage. This is the reason that religion has thrived over science and we fear that in the nearest future, the voice of most religious movement shall grow dim when they are not able to provide evidence concerning the validity of most of her doctrines.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism; they all speak about the creation of everything seen today as the work of a being whom they acknowledge as God but when it comes to proving just how true this really is, it is advised that one should not ask questions because trying to know about these things will be seen as blaspheming against God and therefore a sin. That notwithstanding, many have refused this idle talk and have gone ahead to verify these things but, up till now, it has always been a tug of war involved and at the end of their research, no strong stand has been established.

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From the holy bible, it took the creator six days to create the universe but scientists say that the earth is millions of years old. This problem came because Christians in trying to give account of things misinterpreted the statement made by the Psalmist in Psalm 90:4, “for a thousand years in thy sight is like yesterday when it is past and as a watch in the night.” Going by this inference, a day before God is like a thousand years; theologians believe the world was created within six thousand years. Just in my foolish head, I pondered over the fact that God needs my praise and my adoration every passing day. I wondered if I sing praises of him throughout my life time, seeing how short our life span is, I pondered if it will get to him, will he ever hear my voice, will he even noticed my presence. As humans, we can only account on things that had significant impact on us, but those things that happen in micro seconds, they are so fast that we do not take them into account, yet they are the ones that build up the significant things we take cognizance of. Science on the other hand infers that what we see to be the creation of a being was only a product of evolution which took millions of years and not six thousand years as the Christian theologians claimed.

This became more serious when Charles Darwin presented fossil evidence to the effect; the discovery of radioactivity of the atom of carbon became the back bone to the success of the dating of fossil dug by archeologists over the years on pursuit for answers to the mystery of life.

Radioactive dating, also known as carbon dating is a system developed by Willard Libby and his colleagues at the University of Chicago in 1949. This scientific discovery provides an accurate dating of organic matter and it is this method that was used to verify the age of specimens which were dug from the archeological sites, including the fossil of Charles Darwin, hence nullifying the claims of theologians about the six thousand years of creation.

So, can the world be two thousand and 13 years old and yet contain matters which are over a million years old?

Science through Lamarck, Charles Darwin, and Gregory Mendel has contributed to what is today known as the Theory of Evolution of Life. Despite this disparity between religion and science, underneath the obvious lies the wisdom of the almighty. The big bang theory reveals that there was an explosion which occurred many million years ago which emitted nucleic particles which came together; forming the sun, stars and organic life, existing as unicellular organism which underwent further development in the course of evolution into a multicellular organism of which man is the last evolutionary process.

Here it is important to define evolution to the lay man; evolution is the trend of changes which occurs in organisms and inorganic matter over a long period of time. Comparing the available facts from both sides, the bible said that the world was devoid of form and filled with water. The same is true of science where the ancestors of living things is traced to be the fishes whose habitat are the water bodies, this concurs with the bible. The sun which is the source of light and energy in our world is also a factor to the success of evolutional development of organisms, this also agrees with the bible, for the light came before the plants because it is of necessity that plants should derive their food from the rays of the sun during photosynthesis, if this was not the case, then plants will not need the sun to survive.

It is also recorded that the last of the creation was man, the same is the case in science. It is a theory that man is the last product of the long evolutionary process. The nomenclature of the present day man in science is HOMO-SAPIENS, which evolved from HOMO-ERECTUS which evolved from HOMO-HARBALIS. Now we have to take into account the connotation of this particular phrase repeated in Genesis after a succession of creations had been created; ‘and it was good’, this phrase is repeated at the end of successful creation that is after the creator had succeeded in manifesting that which he pronounced.

This brought us to reason thus, in a conceptualized approach, one will use the above expression only when he has tried a number of things until the last result; hence the creator must have manifested in the first man who being a HOMO-HARBALIS, could not depict his true image and therefore could not carry out the task which needed to be done, which is the naming of all he had created. He continued testing and got something better than the former, the HOMO-ERECTUS, this though could stand up erect, yet had a low and slow brain capacity of which the creator could not operate with, this led to series of other creatures until the creator arrived with the HOMO-SAPIENS which is the modern day man, who could reason, imagine, communicate and most importantly, learn. Looking back to the succession of several specimens until the HOMO-SAPIEN, then the creator in great relief said, ‘and it was good’ Gen 1:25.

In the bible, God cursed the serpent to walk upon her belly and eat dust; this suggests that snakes of those days had walking limbs unlike the snakes of nowadays. Here, science says that this could be true after having discovered that the resent day snakes possesses pelvic bones and degenerated limbs that acts a vestigial organs, a part of the snake which is in concord with the bible.

Science as an organized institution reveals the modulus operandi behind most of the creators works to man. Although it does not provide absolute answers, it attempts and in most cases have actually succeeded in bringing harmony to humans in the understanding of their environment. Science askew questions how can all things in their varieties and virtues originate from one ancestor yet we have different races and a large range of biodiversity? From the account in the bible, it appears that the whole family of the human race is rooted in the family of Adam which is white as inferred in Luke 3:28, except until the time of Esau who is believed to be the father of the black race, while science has proved that the oldest skeleton of the human species is the knotcracker found in Kenya which however disagrees with the bible; as the bible says that the original families were whites. The discovery of the skeleton might be a proof that the first man was black and an African. This further proves that the Garden of Eden may have been in Africa that is if the bone found in Africa is the remains of Adam. It is a pity that the works of the creator has left us with so much questions yet the evidence of his existence are so overwhelming that no man can deny.

Science is a good thing; the knowledge it has made known to man has made us always ahead, compared to our close biological relatives, the monkeys, the chimpanzees, the baboons and others. It has also brought the dawn of modern civilization but in our wisdom, we have become fools for conceiving in our hearts that there is no God. The bible as a tool that was presented to us to guide us has become an object of division and confusion. This is the work of the enemy of Christ, the anti-Christ and until now, we were still in bondage. Thanks to our Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, who in his divine wisdom has revealed the truth and trashed the falsehood which kept us in bondage.

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